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We're just begging to be controlled

March 3, 2010 - Per Peterson
How did we get to a point in our society where we waste our lawmakers’ time by making them haggle over bills that will prevent us from being distracted while we’re driving? Used to be, eating behind the wheel was considered taboo, or reading a map. That was bad enough, but we did it anyway and, for the most part, got away with it. Now, because of technology, Minnesota lawmakers must spend their time holding hearings and voting on bills just to keep us from dialing a number on our cell phones or fiddling with GPS devices. Pretty soon, we won’t be able to do anything while behind the wheel but … drive? GASP! It's kind of a shame when you think about it, and it's ironic, too. Here we are saying there's too much government and the government is intruding too much in our lives and they control too many things, while some of the time we're the ones making them do just that. We should know enough to wear our seat belts and we should know enough to actually pay attention to the road and others on it while we drive. Maybe our government, whether it's state or federal, would leave us alone a bit more if we used more common sense in our lives. Government is intrusive, yes, but in some cases, we have no right to complain.


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