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Let's not get greedy

August 6, 2008 - Per Peterson
Gas is down again. Now it's close to 30 cents lower than it was about one month ago. Oil, of course, is slipping big time, too. It's fallen about $30 from its record high of $147.27 from July 11. This is good, right? Well, yes and no. It's good because we're paying less at the pump, and with oil falling, we might just get in the low-$3 range if we're not careful. It's bad because I fear we're all going to fall back into our old habits again. For the past year, Americans — not all, but most … OK, not most, but some … well, a few of us anyway — have been making adjustments, small ones, sure, but adjustments nonetheless, in our daily lives. We've been driving slower, conserving energy better, carpooling etc. And it's been working. At least I'd like to think it's been working. But we need to keep doing it. All we've done basically is put a Band-Aid on a gaping wound. Now we've gotta throw some gauze in there to really stop the bleeding. Going back to our old habits could possibly erase all the good we've done. So keep recycling folks. Keep lowering your speed when you're driving. Keep carpooling. Keep choosing to walk or ride a bike instead of hopping in your gas guzzler to drive a few blocks. It's actually working. Let's not get greedy and ruin this little run we're on.


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