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Bristol? Who cares?

September 2, 2008 - Per Peterson
This is our poll question this week: Is the media making too much out of Sarah Palin's daughter's pregnancy, or do you think it could have an effect on voters? These are your choices if you care to get in on the poll: — It's personal and the media is overblowing it — It's made me think twice about voting for McCain

This one better be a landslide, because it is personal and the media is overblowing it, especially CNN, which choose Monday to focus almost all of their political eyes on a woman — Sarah Palin — and a girl — Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter who is about four months shy of giving birth. Thank you CNN for more mind-numbing analysis of something that really doesn’t need to be analyzed. This has zero to do with politics. I realize, CNN, that news-wise, your day really slowed down late Monday. On the Katrina scale, Gustav petered out, and the first day of the Republican National Convention was scaled back and cut short because of what was happening weather-wise down south. But y’all found something to sink your teeth into, didn’t you? Even Larry King devoted a segment to this scandalous news that, as every CNN reporter put it, rocked the McCain campaign. If this news rocks McCain’s campaign, the old boy is really in trouble. I will give credit to his opponent, Barack Obama, for telling the media that the candidates’ families should be off-limits. He’s right. Voters, don’t make your decision based on the personal life of a running mate. On a scale of 1 to 10 — 1 being no relevance — this “news” is at about a -5. It has no relevance. The presidential election is Obama vs. McCain. Sure, your vote might be swayed by their respective choices for vice president, but it shouldn’t trickle down any farther than that. Last time I checked, Bristol was not on the ballot.


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