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That was a close one

October 21, 2008 - Cindy Votruba
Around 9:30 Sunday morning I was eating breakfast and watching a DVD I had rented. It was sort of relatively early (well for me on a Sunday anyways), and the sun was shining. It looked like another great day. I'm thinking, "hmm...I haven't been to Falls Park in Sioux Falls yet, and it's supposed to be in the 60s...why not?"

So I finish watching the movie, get dressed and hop in the Jeep. I fill up the Jeep and hit Highway 23. I call a friend of mine who lives in Sioux Falls and leave a message to meet me at Falls Park and I'll be there around 1 p.m.

And I did make it there at 1 p.m. A lot of people had the same idea. There were some who ventured down by the falls, others who stepped from rock to rock on the upper parts, and those who posed for photos. This couple even asked me to shoot a picture of them by the main falls.

Well I wasn't seeing my friend and I was getting hungry, so I headed out to one of the main drags, 41st Street, to look for a place to eat. I amazed myself by somehow navigating through downtown Sioux Falls out to Minnesota (I have a tendancy to get lost if I'm not too familiar with driving in a certain city). I hit the Fudrucker's, ate too much, but it was good. I went to Best Buy and then to Hobby Lobby (realized that was closed on Sunday) and then the mall. I'm picking out shower gel at Bath and Body Works when my phone vibrates. My friend tried looking for me at Falls Park, but gave up. But he also arrived there at 2 p.m. and by then I was already at Fudrucker's. I told him I'll meet him at Barnes and Noble at 3:30.

I'm driving from the mall to Barnes and Noble. I made that left turn at whatever street it's called and then attempted to get into the Wal-Mart/Barnes and Noble parking lot area. I made a left turn, park the car and head toward the Barnes and Noble. This police car comes up to where I was walking and the policeman motions to me. Apparently I made an illegal left hand turn into the lot. In retrospect, I'll agree with him, but I was definitely oblivious to the signs and the arrows and such (and I'm used to you know, small-town driving). But luckily, since he had to go to another call (which must have been more pressing than this out-of-stater who made a bad left turn going into the Wal-Mart parking lot), he let me off with a warning. I still profusely apologized. I told my friend that he just missed me almost getting busted by the cops.


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