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The cold is getting old

January 15, 2009 - Per Peterson
I don’t complain about the weather that much, except for days like today, when the high for the day has a big, fat - in front of it. Seriously, this is getting old. I’ve lived here all my life and am proud to wear the “hearty” label like the rest of you, but seriously, this is getting old. My truck almost froze up last night waiting for me to get done with work, and it never freezes up. This is getting old. I almost got frostbite Wednesday night pumping gas. This is getting old. One of my dogs had a layer of frost on her fur when I went outside this morning. This is getting old. My 6-year-old daughter wore two pair of gloves to school this morning. This is getting old. After getting stuck in Marshall earlier this week, I chose to walk from his place to work the next morning and one of my eyelids froze shut. I could feel the hairs on my goatee fall off, one by one. This is getting old. I had to buy a space heater to warm my bedroom. This is getting old. Yes, I’m complaining. I know this is Minnesota and it’s supposed to get cold. I know it could be worse and I could be living up north where it was, like, -48 below last night. And I know that everyone else has to put up with it. So you may ask yourself: Why is he whining? You might even respond to this blog and tell me to shut up and suck it up, and that’s fine, I don’t care. This is getting old and I’m sick of it. I can’t wait until July, when it’s 98 and humid. Check in with me then to read a blog about how I hate humidity and long for a cool winter’s day. This week’s cold snap reinforces my long-lasting belief that there are two nice weeks during year in our state when it comes to the weather — the middle two weeks of October. Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect. Is it unrealistic to ask for that kind of weather more often? Probably. After all, this is Minnesota and the wacky weather we have is something we supposedly love about our state. And I do. But this is getting old.


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