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Popping off on pop-ups

July 24, 2009 - Per Peterson
There’s nothing more annoying than those pop-up promos you see in the bottom right or left-hand corner of your TV screen, am I right? Check out a cable station these days and you’ll know what I’m whining about. Used to be, all that was on the bottom of the screen — squinched neatly and subtly in its own little corner — was the network’s logo or name. Now, we’re getting blasted with shameless animated pop-up promotions designed to either a) attract the viewer’s attention, b) annoy the viewer to the point where he/she reaches for the clicker (or brick), or c) both. These promos take up a nice-sized corner of the screen and stay there for a fairly good amount of time. Andy they're as corny as they are annoying. But it’s not just TV. Check out when you’re done reading my garbage. There, you’ll see an ad for something called Smartwater, featuring Tom Brady. Before you click on it, however, make sure you read anything you want on the page, because if you click on “replay,” on the ad you’ll be forced to sit through its animation that will immediately begin to dominate the page. It’s a pop-up ad on ’roids, this thing. The ad will burst open and show Brady doing push-ups on a medicine ball. The NFL quarterback will literally bust through the upper rail of the Web site — that rail will then fall to pieces below, cluttering up even more of the screen. I’m sure made a small fortune on the ad, what with all the animation and techie stuff that went into it; personally, it annoys the hell out of me, and any ad that annoys me can’t sell me. So Tom Brady drinks this water, whoopie. Get outta my way while I read you stinkin’ site. I’ll stick with the water cooler H2O and refilling my months-old bottle of Dasani. The good thing is, at least we have the option of not having to sit through the running of this ad. We can choose to avoid it, unlike on TV where you have no choice but to watch the cutesy promos that flash before your eyes every 10 minutes.


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