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Reaction to immunization letter

September 22, 2016 Reaction to immunization letter To the editor: Immunizations protecting children from diseases like polio, measles, chicken pox, whopping cough, et. more »»

Where is value of life?

September 22, 2016 To the editor: On a recent “Good Morning America” show, (Hillary) Clinton bemoaned the fact that this 12-year-old boy had shot this animal. How terrible that he had killed this anima. more »»

Put children’s lives ahead of policies

September 15, 2016 To the editor: The Sept. 7, ‘Supports third party candidate’ writer says we should vote for Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party). more »»

Immunizations are key

September 13, 2016 To the editor: Immunizations are a way to prevent kids from getting sick before ever being exposed to an illness. more »»

Questions concerning RTR School Board chairman

September 9, 2016 To the editor: Having read the article in the Sep. more »»

Supports third party candidate

September 7, 2016 To the editor: In a year where the majority of people have a bad feeling about the election this November due to two of the most wildly unpopular major party candidates in recent history it’s... more »»

Take part in Out of Darkness Walk

August 31, 2016 To the editor: Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in this country. more »»

Minnesota school curriculum — an urgent concern for parents

August 30, 2016 To the editor: Yes, school begins soon, with all of the associated activities scheduled for the year. more »»

No special session? It’s all politics

August 26, 2016 To the editor: We have waited a few days to write about Governor Mark Dayton’s decision to not call a special sessio. more »»

A Vietnam memoir for a cause

August 25, 2016 To the editor: If you only watched movies or documentaries about it, it would seem that most of the combat in the Vietnam War occurred in rural areas thick with trees and undergrowth, or rice fields... more »»

Reaction to Kindler series

August 23, 2016 To the editor: Marine Stan Kindler (June 8,1923-December 24, 2014), shared his memories of landing at Tarawa during World War II with an interviewer in July of 2011. more »»

Response to ‘Respect the American Flag’ letter

August 9, 2016 To the editor: This is a response to the July 21 “Respect the American Flag” letter in which a U.S. more »»

‘'Urinetown’ is ‘great entertainment’

August 4, 2016 To the editor: If you enjoy watching theater plays, I highly recommend going to the Lake Benton Opera House to see the play, “Urinetown. more »»

Despair or hope

August 3, 2016 To the editor: Our nation is in dire straits, at this time described by words beginning with the letter D. Division. more »»

Thanks for your support

July 30, 2016 To the editor: To city of Marshall and Lyon County residents: On behalf of the Marshall Police Department and the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department and all area law enforcement, we would like to say... more »»

What to do in November …

July 26, 2016 To the editor: The 2016 presidential election is going down to who do you hate more? Hillary or Trump? Public opinion polls show that the overwhelming majority of American don’t like either one of... more »»

Standing up for veterans

July 26, 2016 To the editor: Salute to Mr. more »»

Good news for golfers

July 22, 2016 To the editor: We knew there must be some good in the FBI’s Comey’s statement. There will no longer be a penalty stroke for hitting a ball into the water or out of bounds. more »»

You stink

July 22, 2016 To the editor: It is regrettable that a person in your position supports a group that openly advocates the killing of police. more »»

Respect the American flag

July 21, 2016 To the editor: The flag of the United States of America is not made to be walked on, danced on, spit on, flown upside down, worn as clothing, nor should it be made in China and sold in the United... more »»

Response to ‘perfect world’

July 13, 2016 To the editor: The editorial, “In a perfect world . . .” appeared in the Independent, June 18, 2016. more »»



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It's Just Wrong

September 1, 2016 I watched a movie on Netflix, “The Right Kind of Wrong,” the other day and there were a lot of things in it that, well we can say they used a lot of creative license. more »

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