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Celebrating 50 years of helping people and changing lives

July 22, 2015 Imagine a poverty-free community. Imagine living in a place where no child grows up poor, hungry, or living in unsafe condition. more »»

Barns come in all shapes, sizes

July 20, 2015 Barns of all shapes and sizes have graced the rural countryside since northern European settlers began farming the land. more »»

Help your parents plan their ‘Someday’

July 20, 2015 District manager Since your parents have done a lot for you over your lifetime, this is the perfect time of year to return the favor by helping them find their “Someday” at www.socialsecurity. more »»

Editor's column: do u miss ltrs as mch as i do?

July 18, 2015 I was excited to drop my daughter off at volleyball camp Monday at Southwest Minnesota State University — not just because it’s a great camp with great instructors, but because camps are a staple of... more »»

Your health Going with your gut

July 18, 2015 Has anyone ever told you to “listen to your heart,” “follow your gut,” or to “trust your instincts”? Well, as I traverse my 20s, I am being told this a lot. more »»

A summer arts festival

July 18, 2015 It had been a few years since I’ve been to the Brookings Summer Arts Festival. Of course, I had forgotten how packed the area around the festival can ge. more »»

On the Porch …

July 18, 2015 One of LCHS’s services to the community is research inquiries. more »»

WCA: Celebrating 50 years of helping people and changing lives

July 18, 2015 Imagine a poverty-free community. Imagine living in a place where no child grows up poor, hungry, or living in unsafe conditions. more »»

Marshall Community Services

July 17, 2015 For registration information, call Marshall Community Services at 537-6767 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday or visit more »»

Keeping things straight

July 16, 2015 Are any of you as confused as I am when reading news of the conflicts in the Mideast that threaten to be conflicts for the entire world? My confusion is trying to understand all of the acronyms: AQI... more »»

Prairie plants

July 16, 2015 Prairie plants grow best in full sun and in open spaces. When selecting a site, look for areas with the maximum sun exposure with minimal root competition from trees. more »»

Sensational summer berries

July 15, 2015 It is summer time, and that means fresh eating. more »»

The Old Man and the Sea

July 15, 2015 No, this isn’t going to be a summary of Ernest Hemingway’s famous novel “The Old Man and The Sea.” However, I have read the book, and it always reminds me of my grandfather — Ol. more »»

Ask a trooper

July 15, 2015 Question: I was wondering if it is illegal to have the ball hitch in the receiver of my truck if I am not pulling any trailers at that time? Also is it illegal to have more than one ball on my... more »»

My first 4-H project

July 15, 2015 We are approaching the hottest time of the year, the season for roasting ears of sweet corn and farm kids roasting as they prepare their animals for the show rin. more »»

In recognition

July 14, 2015 Good Morning Marshall! Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I was assigned as the Fulltime Unit Readiness NCO at the Marshall National Guard Training and Community Center in July 2002. more »»

Many villages established by railroad

July 13, 2015 Additional villages that were established due to the Chicago Northwestern Railroad were those of Minneota, Ghent, Porter, Canby, Burr and Gary, S.D. more »»

Supporting our youth, protecting our future

July 13, 2015 District manager Social Security serves a person for life — from birth, to death, and even beyond, by helping to care for surviving dependents. more »»

Editor's Note: What happened to the slow news day?

July 11, 2015 News is news when it’s new. And in these days of instant online news being hurled at us relentlessly and 24-hour news cycles on TV, news gets replaced quickly. Blink, and you’ll miss the backstory. more »»



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