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We need a discussion on mental illness

December 1, 2015 To the editor: Thank you for your article, “Angel at His Side,” by Anna Haecherl on 11/24. It is important for the media to facilitate a discussion regarding mental illnesses. more »»

Darkness or light?

November 21, 2015 To the editor: In the advent of yet another tragic terrorist attack we have a choice — let fear lead to massive distrust and hatred, or see it as another reason to stand strong and face fear with... more »»

Foster parent or fostering to adopt

November 13, 2015 To the editor: There continues to be a need to expand the pool of foster parents in the Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, Rock, Pipestone, and Redwood counties. more »»

Leave God out of it?

November 12, 2015 To the editor: I was enjoying one of the talk shows I listen to on a daily basis. There was a caller being interviewed who has been married to his wife (a woman) for over 20 years. more »»

Leave good farmland alone

November 6, 2015 To the editor: There has been a lot of discussion on clean water and pheasants, and I feel it is time to explain my feeling. more »»

COLA too important to ignore

November 4, 2015 To the editor: I am writing to express my deep disappointment in the recent announcement that there will not be a cost of living increase for Social Security beneficiaries next year. more »»

Is President Obama a Christian?

November 3, 2015 To the editor: One of Webster’s definitions of a Christian is “having the qualities demonstrated and taught by Jesus Christ.” The Bible says in Matthew 7:16a “By their fruit you will recognize the. more »»

A ‘normal’ American

October 27, 2015 To the editor: Since reading Froma Harrop’s column headlined, “...the party of ‘normal,’” (Independent Oct. more »»

U partnerships

October 24, 2015 To the editor: I recently met with Representative Chris Swedzinski, and I thank him for sharing his valuable time and thoughtful ideas with m. more »»

Search for Brandon: What about marsh/fen areas?

October 21, 2015 To the editor: In the extensive searches that have occurred since Brandon Swanson’s disappearance, no rivers, streams, crop or wildlife areas have yielded his body. more »»

Vote is investment in the kids

October 14, 2015 To the editor: A Greek proverb says that “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit i. more »»

No levy means cuts

October 14, 2015 To the editor: Our children are our future. I think everyone agrees with that statement, no matter what side of the school issue you are on. more »»

It’s dark longer now — keep that in mind when outside

October 10, 2015 To the editor: Now that fall is upon us and the days are getting shorter, I would like to remind our bikers, joggers, and paper carriers to please take a minute and consider what you are wearing whe... more »»

Freedom OF religion, Part II

September 17, 2015 To the editor: Out of concern for others, I would like to add a thought to my “Freedom OF religion” article (Public Forum, Sept. 10, 201. more »»

Freedom OF religion

September 10, 2015 To the editor: Some 10 years ago, a girl was checking out my groceries at Marshall’s Hy-Vee. When she saw the packaged pork chops, she motioned to another clerk who came and handled the meat. more »»

Spiritual health is ‘real crisis of our time’

September 3, 2015 To the editor: Predictably, the editor of the Marshall Independent, when talking about the murder of two journalists in Virginia by a hateful former employee who wanted to “start a race war,”... more »»

A columnist ‘on his stool’

September 1, 2015 To the editor: It seems that according to Robert Reich in his Au. more »»

Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act needs to keep progressing

August 25, 2015 To the editor: The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act with broad, bipartisan support. more »»

545 vs. 300 million

August 11, 2015 To the editor: I have read about the new local wheelage tax and the increase in sales tax by another .5 percent. I run across the amounts we are already taxed and worth rememberin. more »»

Clown circus, Trump and Republicans

August 6, 2015 To the editor: With a great deal of enthusiasm and enjoyment, I am watching the “clown circus” which is the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. more »»



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