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Supports price hike on tobacco

February 7, 2013 To the editor: The leadership recently shown by Rep. Ann Lenczewski (Bloomington) is something Minnesotans can be proud o. more »»

Give your love away

February 1, 2013 To the editor: The Christmas season is over. Such a wonderful time of the year! All the merry Christmases, Happy New Year, best wishes to all our friends and even strangers we don’t know. more »»

No one will ‘take your guns away’

January 30, 2013 To the editor: In Valerie Downing’s letter to the editor, she goes to great length comparing the issue of drunk driving to gun violence in this country and then states: “[Drunk-driving] Offenders of... more »»

State pension systems better off after 2010 reforms

January 30, 2013 To the editor: A Ja. more »»

Enough, already

January 29, 2013 To the editor: Usually the Friday “Thumbs up/Thumbs Down” Short Takes are non-controversial. This past week’s “Smokes going up?” (Marshall Independent, Jan. 25, 2013), is wrong-headed. more »»

The importance of unity and support

January 26, 2013 To the editor: Despite the cold temperatures and snow flurries last Saturday evening, Jan. 19, the warmth of communities coming together in a little school was felt by al. more »»

What is a weapon? It’s the intention of the user

January 25, 2013 To the editor: First, I’d like to give my sympathy to the families in Connecticut, but also to individuals who have lost a loved one in an unexpected tragedy. more »»

Early partisanship

January 24, 2013 To the editor: I was disappointed to read in the Wednesday, Jan. 9, issue of the Marshall Independent that Rep. (Chris) Swedzinski gave support for a partisan attack on Re. more »»

Guest commentary: What will be your farm’s legacy?

January 24, 2013 By Ryan Batalden We often think of our legacy as related to our farm’s financial success. more »»

A ‘bunch of lies’

January 15, 2013 A ‘bunch of lies’ To the editor: Pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV and all you hear or read are a bunch of lies. Obama said that our taxes will not go up one dime. more »»

Examining ‘The Land of the Free’

January 9, 2013 To the editor: I want to preface this piece by saying that I am completely, 100 percent, warm blooded American. I eat apple pie and read Playboy like everyone else. more »»

Both parties gave in ‘good deal’

January 8, 2013 To the editor: Everybody from both the right and the left seem to be second-guessing Congress’s fiscal cliff last-second deal that averted a financial meltdown for now. more »»

Government costs too much

December 21, 2012 To the editor: We are now hearing about the “fiscal cliff” and where and how to meet the two-pronged need — No. 1 more tax revenue and No. 2 curtailing spending. more »»

Send in the plows

December 21, 2012 To the editor: I am wondering along with many others why the snow removal crews cannot or do not go around town when the snow is slushy and clean off the snow? The roads become very uneven then... more »»

Information and intelligence

December 21, 2012 To the editor: Bought a 2004 Holt Biology textbook at a library book sale; no markings on it as to what high school it came from. more »»

Homeless for the holidays?

December 20, 2012 To the editor: Merry Christmas! I am writing this letter for two reasons. more »»

Resolution hits home

December 20, 2012 To the editor: The following is a resolution of the city of Minneapolis which was brought forth by Cam Gordon, Robert Lilligren, et al. It was passed Dec. more »»

A blessing in the snowstorm

December 18, 2012 To the editor: On Sunday, Dec. 9, the snowflakes were beautiful and very abundant. Nearly all the area church services were cancelled. This is what prompted my husband and I to look for a TV servic. more »»

Time to ban assault rifles

December 18, 2012 To the editor: There will always be people who go off the deep end. What can we do about shootings like the one in Connecticut on Friday? One thing we can do is ban assault rifles. more »»

Avera: Proposal reflects ‘economic realities’

December 8, 2012 To the Editor: The Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) – the union that represents 79 registered nurses at Avera Marshall – and we may disagree about some things; but we do agree on two very importan... more »»



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