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Homosexuality not a ‘disorder’

June 1, 2012 To the editor: In a recent letter to the Independent, not to mention an exhaustive series of previous letters, Phil Drietz questioned the scientific basis for the removal of homosexuality from the... more »»

Colson’s life change ‘undeniable’

May 31, 2012 To the editor: Donald Kaul’s syndicated article “Remembering Charles Colson” in last weekend’s edition castigates Charles Colson as a villain, both before and after his religious conversion. more »»

Why should gays be singled out?

May 31, 2012 To the editor: I would like to respond to Paul Jensen’s letter to the edito. more »»

The Holiness Code

May 25, 2012 To the editor: This letter is in response to Jim Sykora’s letter to the editor concerning same-sex marriage. It is significant that there are a number of errors. Yes, it is true that U.S. more »»

Marriage vote requires careful thought

May 23, 2012 To the editor: The article on (Monday’s) front page, “For gay marriage opponents, moments shape minds” was quite interesting, even if it was rather one-sided. more »»

Gun deaths will exceed road deaths

May 23, 2012 To the editor: We need a national campaign to reduce gun deaths the way we reduced vehicle deaths. In 1965, 5.3 people died per 100 million miles driven, a total of 47,000 people dying on our roads. more »»

Listen to victims — move forward on VAWA

May 22, 2012 To the editor: We are writing to express our extreme disappointment in the passage of H.R. 4970 in the U.S. House of Representatives. more »»

Response to same-sex issue

May 22, 2012 To the editor: Thank God, Trudy Madetzke is able to interpret the word of God as written in the Bible. As I am confused on some parts of the Bible, I will contact T.M. for the true interpretation. more »»

Don’t impose your beliefs on others

May 22, 2012 To the editor: It was disappointing to read the Letter to the Editor “Same-sex marriage not approved by God” (Independent, May 16, 2012). more »»

Let there be voter ID

May 19, 2012 To the editor: A small discussion broke out about the last Minnesota Senate race and the fact that, while there were rumors of voter fraud, state officials said there were none. more »»

Defending Republicans

May 19, 2012 To the editor: I can’t help but respond to the letter written recently by my good neighbor, John Gochenouer, who discusses how the Republicans are embracing “stupid. more »»

Don’t reinforce society’s prejudices

May 19, 2012 To the editor: We are really concerned about the inaccuracies and hurtful claims which have been put forth as reasons to vote for the marriage amendment. Minnesotans want accurate information. more »»

Voter ID doesn’t cause disenfranchisement

May 18, 2012 To the editor: Other states that have implemented a photo ID requirement to vote have seen voter participation increase. Clearly, greater confidence in the system leads to greater, not lesser turnout. more »»

‘Emotional manipulation’ drives movement

May 8, 2012 To the editor: I offer the following analogy in response to the presentations and panel discussion on marriage equality held at the SMSU campus on April 18 and published in the Independent on April... more »»

What is the value of land?

May 2, 2012 To the editor: How do you put a value on the land surrounding your community? We regularly hear from our neighbors, and see in the media, stories about the extremely high prices land is being sold... more »»

GOP agenda threatens education standards

April 28, 2012 To the editor: Democrats claim that Republicans are embracing “stupid” but apparently most Democrats don’t understand why. more »»

Legislators should vote for bonding bill

April 27, 2012 To the editor: As session is winding down we still have a full plate of legislation to pass on the House floor, including a bonding bill. more »»

Legislation will boost economy

April 26, 2012 To the editor: Thanks to Sen. more »»

Security deposits

April 21, 2012 To the editor: I recently became familiar with the issue of the legality of the return of a rented apartment security deposit. The Minnesota law relating to security deposits is set out in MS 504B. more »»

Sign defacing

April 20, 2012 To the editor: To the Islamic Society: I am sorry for what happened to your sign. This is not the way most of us think and I hope it will not happen again here. more »»



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