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Day care providers express union concerns

March 12, 2013

MARSHALL — A bill that would allow in-home child care providers in Minnesota to form a union is being considered in the state Legislature, but several local care providers say they’re afraid it woul......

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Mar-16-13 4:41 AM

So no Democrats want to defend this unionization scheme???

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Mar-14-13 7:39 PM

hartman75....child care business owners DO have the choice to join AFSCME's union...they've had it for EIGHT years. The choice is there. It is 1000% unnecessary to legislate this, but of course the meddling DFL has to stick their nose into it.

Fact: out of over 11,000 child care business owners in Minnesota, with EIGHT years of AFSCME pushing themselves on these independent businesses, only 57 have signed on. That's right, AFSCME has 57 who have voluntarily signed on and are monthly dues-paying union members.

Less than 1/2 of a percent of this group think it's a good idea.

Epic fail if the DFL thinks this should be mandated by law.

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Mar-14-13 12:50 PM

hartman - when were you ever forced to work 12 hour days in sub-minimal conditions? The answer is never because those days are gone forever in this country.

SEIU needs more dues to support its lavish lifestyle for union administrators and to lobby for more union control and dues. These folks are not watching out for union members but instead are lining their own pockets.

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Mar-14-13 12:29 PM

What type of protection would a union provide? In-home daycare providers are self-employed so it's not like they need to be protected from their bosses. If the state is looking for a way to prevent abuse of the child care assistance program, requiring a union seems like a fishy way to do it.

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Mar-13-13 6:33 PM

Hartman75 My position is not one of support for worker exploitation. Workers should have good, fair, safe working conditions. Long gone are the sweatshops, dangerous work places, inhumane working conditions and mistreatment of workers. Yes, unions may have been a part of getting these protections and laws but in recent years the focus has changed as we have strong laws that provide these protections. Forcing all workers or in this case, day care providers to be part of a union even if they do not want to is the current issue. MN should be a right to work state. Let the workers decide who will be their voice. Personally, I have seen non unions shops do better than union shops.

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Mar-13-13 5:47 PM

According to an anti-union care provider: “Unionization would force us to,raise prices. Forcing us to unionize to accept state aid payments would cause me to stop accepting kids who get state assistance. Providers can already join the union; in eight years, out of 11,000 providers, exactly 57 have joined. I already work hard on improving the quality of the care I provide. By the way, the stories of unethical behavior on union reps’ parts in the card check process are true and omnipresent..."***they already have the choice to join the union and one half of one percent chose to do so. The union demands the other 99.5% join against their will. We determined with a civil war that people need not belong to other people against their will. Why make an exception for unions?

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Mar-13-13 3:51 PM

"Unions have ruined schools, public agencies, and businesses." - You're so right, TWIMC1. Prior to Unions, employers could force their employees to work 12 hours a day or any hour at any time for as long as they wanted; employees would earn only the absolute minimum wage with no overtime; employee benefits like retirement plans, health insurance, vacation days, etc. or safe working conditions and proper job training were non-existent. Prior to Unions, employees were exploited by their employers.

The introduction of Unions helping workers to organize was the driving force for current laws protecting employees from exploitation by their employers. American workers today owe a great deal of gratitude to those who, in some cases, literally gave their lives for workers rights. If teachers, public servants and employees had been respected and valued for their contributions there NEVER would have been a need for Unions. Allow workers the choice to join a union.

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Mar-12-13 9:52 PM

I tweeted it again and added those hashtags and got a retweet from MitchBerg. The earlier tweet got several retweets too. The word is getting out. @ Jen

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Mar-12-13 6:43 PM

WW07 Thank you! I'm not familiar with Twitter. These are the ones I know of (minus the hash tags), but I'm not sure of what they cover: mnleg and stribpol

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Mar-12-13 6:38 PM

Unions have ruined schools, public agencies, and businesses. Unions have lost their reason for being and instead are all about the mighty dollar for themselves, not who they represent. Best of luck!!! I support the daycare providers and the ability to run their businesses independently, not unions!

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Mar-12-13 3:14 PM

@ JenSchaffer I tweeted a link to your site with hashtags that seemd appropriate. Do you know if there is a particular twitter hashtag being used?

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Mar-12-13 1:49 PM

Last night the Senate bill passed by a vote of 5-4. Calls and emails are still needed. They are hearing us, some are even listening. You can contact each member of the committee to let them know how you feel. They meet again on Thursday. MN House of Representatives: Labor, Workplace and Regulated Industries Membership 2013 - 2014 Don't wait to contact them, these bills are being rushed through as fast as they can. Parents can go to Childcare Freedom dot org and sign a petition, as well, to keep the union out of your child care provider's business. We need all the support we can get.

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Mar-12-13 11:06 AM

I wish the day care providers all the best in their quest to retain autonomy.++++++(PS Imade a bet with my boss that I could bust my personal all-time high of 20 disagrees today. Ready, set GO! You can do it, Haters. I have confidence. Help me get a raise!)

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Mar-12-13 10:06 AM

Common sense!

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