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Not a fan of anti-bullying bill

April 12, 2013

To the editor: Please contact your legislators and tell them NOT to support the “Safe and Supportive Minnesota Act,” House file 826, and Senate file 783. 1....

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Apr-12-13 7:56 PM

When is the last time school officials lobbied for a bill that required any extra work out of them?

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Apr-13-13 10:53 AM

If Phil is against it then I guess I must be for it.

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Apr-14-13 3:41 PM

Kids should get their butts spanked in every home if their father feels they deserve it. There is nothing wrong if a parent spanks their kid to discipline them. The kids who are bullies and the kids who are getting bullied and can't handle it today is the direct result of no more spankings at home. It toughens the weaker kids up and it makes the bullies learn some respect. If a couple kids have some beef with each other, let them duke it out. I got spanked growing up and I deserved it every time, I was severely bullied buy a group of local thugs from 3rd grade until a week into my freshmen year and my first time in public schooling. I got tired of being picked on so when a sophomore who was 6'6" thought he was gonna push me around too, me only being 5'11" decided. I wasn't going to take it anymore and I kicked his *** in front of his classmates and half of the school. I NEVER EVER got picked on after that. I believe all this goes back to proper discipline in the home. No gov

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Apr-14-13 3:52 PM

ernment bills or laws are going to stop what kids are always going to do and that's bully and be bullied. The kids today would be a little tougher if they got their butt rattled by their dad every time he deserved it. Just look at the generation of kids from the 40s 50s 60s and how each generation has slowly become a bunch of sissies. I could never come home crying to my dad because I was getting picked on because he dropped out of school when he was 16, enlisted in the Army and volunteered to go fight in Vietnam. The government isn't going to protect any kid who is bullied. In some way, their will be a negative affect on the kids if the government draws up these anti bullying bills. Whatever the government gets involved with, everything they are claiming they are going to fix, they make it much much worse.we all know. This is true. Stay away from my kids Uncle Sam. They will learn how to deal with bullies themselves if they ever encounter one or a group. I can proudly say,

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Apr-14-13 4:00 PM

Ive never had to spank my kids because they know respect and they are great kids and they always follow rules. If the 9 year old walked over to the neighbors, picked up a rock and threw it through his window, his butt would be red. I actually did walk over to my neighbors, picked up a rock and threw it through his big picture window when I was around 9 and my dad spanked my butt red. The whole point I'm trying to make is when a kid isn't spanked he goes through school being a soft little wimp who can't take a little thrashing from other kids and the whole bullying crap gets blown way out of proportion by a bunch of wimpy, soft little drama queens. Toughen up boys, that's how you become a man!

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Apr-15-13 6:48 PM

101, thank you for explaining your view. would you have been been better off if your dad (parents) had been tough when they had to without physical violence? I'm not a softie, but can't condone physical violence as a teaching device. Enforcing rules seems to me the difference. If a parent threatens to check up on something, follow through.

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Apr-17-13 1:36 PM

Phil, this bill won't prevent your "Christian" madrassa's from indoctrinating children with a philosophy of hate and intolerence, it will just require the school to prevent students from committing acts of hate against their fellow students.

Those kids can still grow up to be card-carrying members of the Westboro Babtist Church and proudly preach your message. I'm just shocked that I can't find all that hate, judgement, and intolerance in the gospel. It must be that the liberal media of the day only quoted stuff like "judge not, lest ye be judged".

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