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June 4, 2013

To the editor: The United States is currently being run by a tyrannical president with his handpicked clones....

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Jun-04-13 3:14 AM

Everything Obama touches goes bad. This isn't rocket science folks. This is what Obama's ideology derives from and leads to. Lies and obfuscations. Make no mistake, the Left will throw Obama overboard if it means saving the ideology. Unfortunately, you haven't cut off the head of the snake by losing Obama. This is a teachable moment for you low information types. It isn't Obama that's lying to you, it's the ideology that's lying to you. Obama is only a tool, and a "tool", for the new world order that the Left has always dreamed of. Luckily for us he's an incompetent, underachieving narcissist rather than an intelligent, effective antichrist. He will fail at his attempt at fundamental change of America because lies never succeed here. And when low-information votes become hi-information votes, the Left is cooked.

God help us..

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Jun-04-13 3:25 AM

drip, drip, drip... hear that.. that's the sound of Benghazi in the background of the other scandals that are taking center stage; IRS targets for political gain and A.P. wiretaps from the Justice Dept. I say we let those 2 scandals run their course and then we get back to the real threat to Obama, the Benghazi lies and cover-ups. There is something there/there that is ugly enough for this Administration to put out the A.P. story and the IRS scandal simultaneously, they didn't want to answer any more questions about Benghazi. But don't worry, we'll get back to Benghazi soon enough..drip drip drip.

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Jun-04-13 9:30 AM

By voting for the President I voted for the Devil. Oh please. This is ad hominem hoo ha in its most obvious form.

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Jun-04-13 10:15 AM

Getting hard to defend this fake and liar isn't it?? Speaking of taking credit for Bin Ladin he also identified the heros who did him in and you know what happened to them don't you? If you like everything free in your life and avoid any responsibility for your life and decisions you make he will be your hero. How many new laws has he made that encourage private business? How successful has any solar system been without gov credit? How many electric cars do you see buzzing down the highways? How many fake companies tout their alternative energy then go bankrupt after milking the gov out of 500 million dollars then the ceo of the company was found to be a big Obama supporter giving over 250,000 to his campaign? rememvber Sylyndra? How many convicted felons were found to have voted in the last elections including electing Franken? Yeah honesty just drools out of this administration. Just sign this bill and then you will see its true value. Right, we see this even in Minn.

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Jun-04-13 11:28 AM

Hope and Change. Yes We Can. Forward!

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Jun-04-13 11:41 AM

Ah yes, life would be much less entertaining without the right-wing nuts out there to spin their tale of woe. They despise liberalism while at the same time take full advantage of all the liberties that "liberals" have fought to protect over the years. How confusing it must be for Clark liberal and rona. Anyway, thanks to each of you for the humorous comments, I needed a good laugh today.

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Jun-04-13 12:28 PM

hartman has no way to defend his ideology or beliefs or Obama so he makes ad-hominem attacks. Then he claims we take advantage of the liberties his leftist ilk have provided the rest of us. That's called delusions of grandeur. And it's sad.

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Jun-04-13 12:47 PM

Obama must not be too tyrannical if you were able to publish this letter to the editor.

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Jun-04-13 1:06 PM

rialex and Harman - you actually admit that you voted for this joke of a president? Now that's a good laugh!!! hahahahahahahaha

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Jun-04-13 2:29 PM

liberal, evidently you are either very sensitive, insecure or both if you took my comments as an attack on unsubstantiated conservative propaganda. Individuals like you and Clark have every right to proclaim your misguided partisan opinion as truth, much like Fox News. It’s also what made Michele Bachman such an uninspiring individual – public displays which emphasized her complete and utter lack of intellect. It’s pointless to attack inane rhetoric. On the other hand, ad hominine was a good description of my remarks. Based on your comments I didn’t feel comfortable appealing to your ability to reason. Besides, it’s futile for me to defend something that you know absolutely nothing about.

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Jun-04-13 4:06 PM

The terrorist attack in Benghazi is far more disturbing than previously thought. Although it has not been reported in the U.S. media, the possibility exists that the Egyptian government may have played an operational role in the attack. YouTube videos of the terrorist strike raise a serious problem that only an Arabic speaker would detect: some of the terrorists are speaking in the Egyptian dialect of the Arabic language.

Indeed, one of the videos shot with a cell phone of one of the attackers emerged around the time four Americans were killed. It shows a mob approaching the American compound under siege, clearly telling the terrorists in the dialect of Upper Egypt: “Mahadesh, mahadesh yermi, Dr. Morsi ba`atna” —which translates to: “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, Dr. Morsi sent us.”

The words “Mahadesh yermi” for “don’t shoot” are characteristically spoken in Egyptian Arabic, while Libyans from Benghazi would say, “Matermey” for “don’t shoot.”

“Dr. Morsi” refers, of course, to Pre

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Jun-04-13 4:39 PM

Tokyo Rose. . .Hanoi Jane. . . and now Benghazi Hillary!

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Jun-04-13 5:33 PM

Hey rangeral, don't forget traitor Ronnie Reagan selling weapons to Iran and that photo op of Republican Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with a smiling Saddam Hussein. It's possible the terrorists used weapons provided by Republicans to kill fellow Americans at Benghazi.

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Jun-04-13 6:00 PM

Better get that check off to Orly Taitz, Cliff! I see the end of days just over the horizon!! not

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Jun-04-13 6:20 PM

in hartman's world it's ok to commit crimes as long as someone else has done it first.

see, in the mind of a liberal like hartman, the ends justify the means.

liberalism is a mental disease.

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Jun-04-13 7:39 PM

My opinion.........obama will go down as doing more damage to the moral character of the united states than anyone in history.

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Jun-04-13 7:40 PM

Many people's opinion....Reagan should be on Mt. Rushmore.

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Jun-04-13 7:42 PM

Will be a mathematical fact, however disputed by the misguided, obama will do more damage to the financial stability of this country than anyone in history.

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Jun-05-13 4:30 AM

While there are serious problems in the administration's handlings of the IRS and illegal digging into the AP and Fox News reporters' files (Holder should be fired), George W. Bush still easily lays claim to the worst and most insensitive president titles. Obama went to a fund-raiser after Benghazi? Bush went to countless fund-raisers after American military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan as he ran for re-election. True disrespect for the lives of those who serve our country -- the horrible conditions at Walter Reed hospital under Bush's watch. An awful way to treat wounded vets. Callous in the face of American deaths? A whole list of Bush administration lies, and stupid behavior up to and after Katrina, including Bush, Cheney and Rice staying on vacation! White House records show Bush knew about flooding and deaths at least two days before he said he knew. He and FEMA were so slow to act, even as the huge storm approached.

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Jun-05-13 4:39 AM

... and it took Bush three days to make even a short flight over New Orleans, after the worst natural disaster in U.S. history. and Condi went to a ritzy party in NY during all this! Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld botched so many things in their eight years, and yet slid glibly and more rich than ever, off the stage in 2008 -- a lot of deaths, a lot of misery, and these guys cackled all the way to the bank. Obama has not been great. Bush was God-awful, and history will bury him at the bottom of the presidential heap. Maybe James Buchanan, but Bush's direct lies, even about military deaths (Pat Tillman -- shot by his own troops, but that was covered up, too, for a long time). Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, make Bush a sinister incompetent, while Buchanan was merely incompetent. Clark and buddies: your personal hatred of Obama is leaving you with awfully short memories and a failure to see the truth. Obama ain't great, but he's also not Bush, and thank God for that.

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Jun-05-13 8:49 AM

It took 19 comments for someone to finally blame it all on Bush. Nicely done merioncooper!

Now, if we can only find a way to get G.W. Bush out of office we can clean up the mess in D.C. Oh wait..

Booooosssshhhh did it!!!!!

What a weak defense it becomes when deflection is your only option.

God help us all...

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Jun-05-13 9:52 AM

"It took 19 comments for someone to finally blame it all on Bush."

You should get help for your reading problem liberal. Merion didn't blame Bush, she was responding with factual evidence which dispute westlines false claims. Go ahead and dispute anything Merion stated in her comments, westline sure can't.

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Jun-05-13 11:07 AM

Surprisingly, Hillary can't account for any of her actions or inactions for the two days surrounding the Benghazi attack, so this is who you liberals want defending our country? If the phone rings at 3 AM she won't be there. Then again, neither was Obama. How about some more pictures of the two of them watching the bin Laden raid?

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Jun-05-13 12:20 PM

What we do know is that a phone call between Clinton and Obama occurred at 10PM Eastern time. This was after the deaths of Smith and Stevens. After that call, the Dept. of State released a statement condemning the youtube video. Additionally, links to the video started being posted on social sites around the same time, trying to bump up the number of "views" the video received. Subsequent to those events the former SEALS, Wood and Doherty, deprived of reinforcements, were slaughtered. The phone call was for the purpose of establishing a cover story.

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Jun-05-13 12:23 PM

hartman, try staying on topic. Did you read the article that this comment thread follows? Do you understand the term "deflect"? You're one of the biggest offenders of the word and it describes you (and the Left) perfectly. You're always deflecting or trying to shoot the messenger when facts start to get in the way of your ideology and hero-worship. Just because you won't be able to defend Obama once we finally impeach him after all the facts are out on these scandals doesn't mean you can get away with straw-manning it along the way. We're not going to let you get away with it.

dammit, I miss gabby. I wish he would come back here. He's better at this than I could ever hope to be.

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