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Move to clean energy

August 13, 2013

To the editor: Most businesses and individuals do the right thing and are paying to have someone cart away their trash....

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Aug-13-13 5:15 AM

How about we help him find the courage to resign.

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Aug-13-13 7:42 AM

How can you believe this liar anymore? Everytime you turn around he is either on vacation or giving money to the Muslim Brotherhood to take over another country? How much debt has incured in the last 5 years? How many worthless projects has he ammounced that provided No meaningfull jobs? Shovel Ready sound familer? Giving money to outfits like Sylandra and others of the same plan which bilked the taxpayers and filled the pockets of the CEO who donated a huge sum to the reelection committee. Then had the audacity to plead the 5th when questioned by congress. Then we have the Fast and Furious fiasco and a open invitation to everyone to invade our country and take what jobs were available. Then lets not forgetbailing out GM and bilking stockholders while giving unions control of the company. We need to pay someone to cart away the trash in our government and throw the lawbreakers in jail never to see daylight again. You reelected a person who is bent on ruining this country. Thank you.

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Aug-13-13 2:47 PM

“We need large changes in energy policy.” = We liberals need to raise your taxes, the price of your fuel at the pump, and everything else you buy so that WE can feel good about our jetaway vacations.

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Aug-13-13 3:12 PM

“Clearly we need energy, yet our very survival depends upon clean water, air and soil.”

Well stated Mr. Dyce. There is no denying the fact that burning fossil fuels to create energy poison the very resources we depend on for survival. The website, ucsusa dot org provides a litany of benefits derived from creating energy from renewable sources. Lobbyists representing the oil and gas industry would have you believe we must maintain our reliance upon fossil fuels. Nothing could be further from the truth. I would encourage everyone to learn more about renewable energy. The truth is, renewable energy will help stabilize energy prices, generate jobs and grow our economy. The initiative to generate energy from sources within the U.S. without having to rely on other nations is NOT a question of being liberal or conservative. Supporting renewable energy development is in everyone’s best interest.

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Aug-13-13 5:36 PM

Mr. Dyce - I assume you live off the grid, have no generator, no gas or diesel fueled vehicle, no air conditioning, refrigeration or heating. Remember, even the production of a bicycle requires mining of the materials, oil production for your tires and paint, all of which would be abhorrent to you as an environmentalist.

Send a reply so we can see how you actually live.

hartman - you and others have complained about wind towers and solar collectors, as well as the electrical grid to move the power. So, how do you live and what do you want the rest of us to do without?

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Aug-13-13 5:51 PM

Hartman, you can cackle all day long about the utopia of renewable energy, and that’s wonderful. But it’s PREPOSTEROUS for the letter writer to suggest that Obama (with his history of sweetheart deals, corruption, and endless Air Force One vacations) will be some kind of Clean Energy Jesus.

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Aug-13-13 6:20 PM

Thanks Darwyn for a thread of common sense in the Emptypendent.

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Aug-15-13 8:18 AM

OIIOHH you need to stop believing everything you hear on Faux News. The number of vacation days this POTUS has taken pale in comparison to his predecessor, W, and the do-nothing congress. The rest is just baseless propaganda.

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Aug-15-13 11:55 AM

With green energy our energy costs will "necessarily skyrocket". Thank you Mr. President for that bit of insightful wisdom. The dimwit keeps getting worse and worse. I keep thinking he couldn't appear any more worthless than he is already, but he keeps proving me wrong!

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Aug-15-13 12:00 PM

Hartmann, I asked you in a previous post to show me a reliable family car with a windmill that I can drive right NOW, or show me a reliable family car with solar panels that I can drive right NOW, and I'll be on board with the oblivious "greenies". In the meantime, we need fossil fuels. But for some reason, a greenie's brain doesnt comprehend the obvious.

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Aug-15-13 1:05 PM

So SELyonCo, all of the news I hear about Owe’Bummer’s incredible incompetence “is just baseless propaganda”? Then I suppose I should just ignore his PATHETIC 44% public job approval rating also…

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Aug-15-13 3:25 PM

"a greenie's brain doesnt comprehend the obvious."

NOW by obvious, do you mean no credible proponent of renewable energy ever claimed "green" energy could supply ALL of our energy needs? Or obviously, individuals are currently able to live completely off the grid without burning fossil fuel? For a guy living in a bunker NBHH, you are sadly uninformed about alternative forms of energy.

Easy does it SEL, don't burst their bubble. You have to remember the self-described “leaders” NBHH, OIIOHH, rona & rangeral appreciate are inept. Those “leaders” must compensate for their incompetence by trivializing their opponent’s good sense and foresight. Logic informs us that fossil fuel supplies are finite and burning them is harmful to ALL living things. The more renewable sources we can incorporate into our energy production, the better. It’s that simple. Yet the opposition continues to offer laughable arguments of why renewable energy sources won’t work, only to be pr

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Aug-15-13 4:31 PM

hartmann, who on this thread is saying the green energy should NOT be promoted? Your comment is subtrifuge .... again. THE OBVIOUS is that we cannot jump immediately to green energy. THE OBVIOUS is that Obama, by his own admission, intends to make fossil fuel too expensive, and has demonstrated that with placing unecessary burden on the coal industry, limiting leases on the profuse US oil reserves, lolligagging on Keystone XL, and wasting billions in taxpayer money on poorly managed, bankrupt green industries, think Solyndra. But yet environmental ruin is A-OK for other oil producing nations, think blatant hypocrisy. THE OBVIOUS is that we need fossil fuel at this moment in time to progress, and most of all, to help climb out from under the impending financial ruin he has exacted upon our nation, think fossil fuel exports. THE OBVIOUS is obvious, hartmann.

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Aug-15-13 5:03 PM

hartman - here's your chance to tell all your readers how you live environmentally, or are you like Al gore - do as I say not as I do?

We are all waiting to hear your story.

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Aug-15-13 8:13 PM

I would like to turn this back to all of us non-corparation little people. Let's do our share. So many times I see tires, used oil, appliances, etc left at local recycling boxes. Those are not free dumping stations! If you see or know someone illegally dumping items there, tell them to dispose of it properly or you will turn them in.

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Aug-16-13 11:59 AM

Our dependence on foreign oil has decreased every year since Obama was elected President even as oil companies sit on unused oil leases. The Keystone pipeline would allow Canadian oil to flow into U.S. ports to be loaded into tankers and sold in foreign markets. Jobs would be few & only oil companies who receive billions in subsidies and pay little in taxes would profit. Continuing to depend on fossil fuels that emit toxins into our environment when alternatives exist is foolish.

Advancements in generating and storing renewable energy will create new industries leading to economic growth & development plus ALL the energy generated would benefit local and/or regional markets. Not only would the U.S. benefit but so too would undeveloped countries where oil & gas is not readily available & expensive. The technology we develop & export could help to raise the standard of living for more than 1/3 of the world’s population currently living in poverty..

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Aug-16-13 12:26 PM

hartman - still waiting to hear how you personally live green.

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Aug-16-13 12:49 PM

hartmann, I don't disagree with your assessment of green energy's potential. At odds here is that there is no magic switch to flip & suddenly it's all windmills, solar panels, & affordable, reliable electric cars. Your utopian scenario will take decades to implement. So hartmann, what do we do in the meantime? We "necessarily" rely on cheap fossil fuels. We DON'T throw scarce tax dollars at bankrupt green industries, we let capitalist based private enterprise do its magic (think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs) & the green industry will begin to flourish. We DON'T deliberately make fossil fuel energy for Americans to use, quote Obama "necessarily skyrocket". We DON'T demonize the capitalist system thereby dissuading the most innovative among us from using their enterpreneurialism & knowledge to develop green technologies. Solyndra wasn't one of those, but Obama & his old hippie liberal Senate were/are too clueless to see that. Lots of other things you DO

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Aug-16-13 12:53 PM

That last sentence was supposed to read - There are alot of other things we DON'T do, but I'm out of space.

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Aug-16-13 4:06 PM

Thats obvious, NBHH!

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Aug-16-13 4:15 PM

You're right hartmann. That's my duh moment for the day.

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Aug-16-13 4:26 PM

Btw, hartmann, in the interest of fairness, there are plenty of RINOs in both legislative bodies that fit the definition of "old hippie liberals". As there are and have been realistic Dems in those houses. Collin hits the mark on occasion. But I still miss Zell Miller.

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Aug-16-13 4:27 PM

Back to you hartman - what are YOU doing in your every day life to make energy green and use less energy?

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Aug-16-13 11:37 PM

NBHH,I have every confidence the hippies will save America - it's the Capitalists I fear the most!

I do what I can rangeral because every little bit helps - how about you?

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Aug-18-13 11:44 AM

hartman - I built my own wind turbine and purchased and installed so-called obsolete solar panels that I bought at a deep discount, so my home is electrical energy neutral, I have a geothermal heating and cooling system, we recycle virtually everything possible and we grow most of our own fruit and vegetables, much of which we can for winter. I do need a van due to two factors - health issues and the fact that we live 4 hours from our kids and grandkids, which are not served by rail.

Back to you.

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