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You remember the farm bill

October 17, 2013

Seemingly lost in the high-stakes drama surrounding the partial government shutdown and on-again-off-again debate over the nation’s debt ceiling is the farm bill. Or lack thereof....

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Oct-17-13 9:16 AM

Farmers union (senate) will take care of it

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Oct-17-13 9:25 AM

As Harry Truman said, "The buck stops here". Well, does it Mr. President? The current mess that exists with ALL governance of the U.S. is the consequence when a majority of the U.S. electorate goes dumpster diving for a President.

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Oct-17-13 10:28 AM

The Farm Bill is a big pile of pork, part of which has nothing to do with farming. The bill continues to bloat and increase the deficit. None of the common sense fixes ever happen and spending keeps going up. Why do multi-millionaire farmers need subsidies? A commidity such as raisins is a good example of what is wrong.

And then there are food stamps. To those who need it, it is a great program. for the many that are scamming the taxpayers there is no fraud or corruption control and money that is really needed goes down the rat hole.

Where are Amy and Franken about dealing with the problems with the Senate bill, which perpetuates many poor practices?

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Oct-17-13 11:44 AM

Per - you need to do some research before pointing fingers - the bill is awaiting a conference committee between the House and Senate - the House is not "sitting on it".

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Oct-17-13 11:52 AM

Conservative Republicans are doing more to destroy America than the Islamic terrorist group, Al Quaeda. The stupidity of House Republicans cost America $24 billion in lost economic growth, businesses and employees lost billions in earnings and we are still waiting for immigration reform and a farm bill. The failure of Republican leadership is clear – they fought a battle knowing they couldn’t possibly win and in the process made America look weak and unstable. The misguided effort by Republicans to oppose anything and everything President Obama accomplishes is destroying our country. Ted Cruz and Al Quaeda terrorists may not look the same but they share the same objectives. Repeatedly, conservative Republicans have contributed to the problem rather than the solution. It’s time for the Tea Bagger Republicans to stop stroking their egos and start passing legislation that benefits the American people, like a Farm bill that benefits family farmers and consumers.

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Oct-17-13 12:09 PM

Move to Hollywood hartmann. Your distorted view of reality would fit right in. Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon and Jane Fonda could be your best buds.

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Oct-17-13 12:19 PM

Think about what you're saying hartmann. Take comfort in the fact that I did quote a Democrat Prsident, one of the few who could pass muster. And considering the current state of the U.S. "The buck stops here" applies perfectly, but this "president" has not the integrity nor the character to own up to it.

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Oct-17-13 1:00 PM

The problem with our political system is people figured out they can vote themselves money. These politicians promise people money/help for votes and the government just layers these promises on top of each other regardless of the cost. The political system is broken. Government has too much control. They tell us what we can buy. They give waivers and tax breaks to people who help them out. They aren't making decisions that are in the best interest of the country. They make decisions that give them the most power and benefit themselves the most. The solution is to cap government spending at a percentage of GDP and make our leaders make decisions instead of packing on the promises. The economy works better with money in the hands of the people instead of the government.

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Oct-17-13 1:07 PM

Then Hartman, get rid of all tax loopholes and lower rates. A flat tax would be the most fair, but I'll compromise and have a graduated rates based on income. I would even suggest replacing the minimum wage rules with a negative income tax. Instead of companies not being able to hire people because it costs too much, we'll let the free market decide what people should be paid and we'll supplement incomes based on productive work instead of hand-outs. This way, people would be getting experience while government is paying them. Do we agree Hartman?

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Oct-17-13 1:52 PM

Wealthy corporate farms and agricultural industries should not benefit in any way from farm subsidies. The farm bill should exclusively benefit the traditional "family farm". The food stamp program should be there for only proven "needy" citizens. And I emphasize the word "citizens".

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Oct-17-13 2:54 PM

Merritt, I completely agree with your 1pm post, your 1:07 post, not so much.

To your point, the majority of Legislators are not there to represent the American people; they are there to gain power and money. It’s become apparent Ted Cruz forced the govt. shutdown not as a principled stance but for the sole purpose of raising additional campaign funds from his faithful. Ted Cruz is what the cat coughs up after eating a rodent.

Neither side is doing voters any favors by failing to reach common ground by compromising on issues that do need to be resolved. There are currently 400 bills including Immigration reform and the farm bill that await a vote in either the Senate or House. Instead we get Harry Reid failing to bring Bills to the Senate floor for discussion while House Republicans vote over 40 times to revoke a law they have NO CHANCE of repealing. It’s not the government that’s the problem – it’s those in it that are only there to serve their self interests.

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Oct-17-13 3:07 PM

I agree totally with the concept of "throwing the bums out" hartmann. Question is when does the electorate become a rational whole and get the picture? Case in point, they had a perfect chance to throw at least one bum out in November 2012, but a majority of the voters inexplicably re-elected him, as the President of all things. Please don't give me the "lesser of two evils" line. As far that cliche goes, Obama has eliminated the possibility of there being a greater "evil".

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Oct-17-13 3:41 PM

Hartman says “conservative Republicans have contributed to the problem”. The PROBLEM, Hartman, is a total lack of economic growth due to $17 trillion in national debt ($148,000+ per taxpayer), incredible growth in the regulatory nightmare which stifles all businesses, and Owe’BummerCare, which every media outlet is now admitting is a technical disaster. But with a president who’s never had a real job in his life, what do you expect?

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Oct-17-13 3:43 PM

Immigration Reform. Step #1. Secure the border. Step #2. Come up with a way we're going to handle future illegal immigration that includes harsher penalties for the individuals and people who hire illegals. #3 Create a better system for legal immigration #4 Be more liberal on legal immigration #5 Discuss what we do with the undocumented. - That should include giving these people 1 year to come forward...after that time period, they are treated as illegals. Give them the option to apply for citizenship, or give them a work permit. Require photo ID for voting (compromise with me). I don't like all of this either.

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Oct-17-13 4:38 PM

Make the maximum income tax 20%. Close tax loopholes. It is not fair to take 39% of one person's earnings while another pays 0% because they didn't find tax shelters or fancy accounting tricks or because their congressman stuck a waiver in a bill. That number should be lower, and across the board. You would see lower rates, and higher revenues. No tax breaks for corporations of any kind. Instead, if you want to subsidize oil or green energy, it is in the form of a payment from the government to the company. No hiding it with tax incentives. Full transparency. Then you stick to a budget and have every dollar traceable. You have "x" dollars to spend, this is how we spent it. Remove the incentive for politicians to do the wrong thing to stay in power and make doing the right thing for the country the incentive. If that means campaign reform, so be it. There is too much business and media involvement in government. Too much corruption.

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Oct-17-13 4:41 PM

Hitler's lawyers claiming that Roosevelt killed the Jews makes as much sense as your 11:52 post, Hartman.

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Oct-17-13 4:44 PM

And, Hartman, the phrase "president obama accomplishes" is, technically, an oxymoron.

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Oct-17-13 4:47 PM

And, Hartman, referring to your 11:52 post, once again, usually your opinions are amusing, but distorting the truth, and rewriting history so extremely, destroys any credibility you might have, you would be best not stay closer to reality.

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Oct-17-13 5:40 PM

"The PROBLEM, Hartman, is a total lack of economic growth due to $17 trillion in national debt"

Good point OIIOHH. Reagan increased our debt 65%, Bush I raised the debt 54%, Clinton pushed the debt up 37%. With Bush II in charge for 8 years he cut taxes and fought two wars costing trillions of dollars raising our debt by 86%. President Obama raised the debt 57% since his election. Even with your limited math skills its clear the GOP have raised our debt more than the Democrats buy hey lets keep blaming Democrats. Neither side seems willing to do what’s necessary – increase revenue by closing loopholes; increase tax rates on capital gains and reduce spending by eliminating policies and programs that don’t work. The Tea Baggers cost taxpayers MORE MONEY every time they threaten a govt. shutdown and/or wait until the last minute to raise the debt. If the Tea Baggers goal is to save money they would cut waste from the Farm Bill and pass legislation that helps Americans.

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Oct-17-13 5:51 PM

Please tell me westline which part of my 11:52 post was not truthful? The U.S. did lose an estimated $24 billion in economic growth, businesses located near closed government parks, monuments, buildings, etc. lost billions in revenue during the 16 day shutdown, some workers furloughed will NOT receive backpay. The Tea Baggers KNEW they could not stop the ACA but shut down govt anyway. The actions taken by the Tea Baggers amounted to hostage taking much the same as actions taken by terrorists to achieve an outcome. Those are facts, not opinions westline.

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Oct-17-13 6:49 PM

hartmann, did you forget that Obama promised to cut our debt in HALF in his first 4 years? So yeah I agree, lets blame the Democrats. The Senate and the White House have been in Democrat control for what seems like forever. When will it end? When the electorate finally dumps these impotent buffoons, or . . . when Obama finally and happily succeeds in destroying America!

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Oct-17-13 6:56 PM

hartman - the $24 billion figure has been tossed out by the White House, the same folks that are in charge of the healthcare sign-up web site. I haven't seen one iota of empirical evidence of this number someone pulled out of their butt.

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Oct-17-13 8:15 PM

oh dear boys, so much to fuss about. no bleeding it will end when the oligarchs have bought all our votes, because soon it will be just that easy. and sorry, hartman is right about who the americakillers are. they went for these last 2 weeks with their pants down, unable to do their jobs and exposing us all to ugly hateful drama sponsored by those same Kochishpeople who will be able to buy our votes. Farm bill - for farmers, not big biz.

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Oct-17-13 8:16 PM

rangeral, you were looking for the $24 billion in the wrong place. Standard & Poors came up with that number, not the White House.

Really NBHH, you are disillusioned by an unfulfilled campaign promise? Time to put on your big boy pants and read the article in the May Wall Street Journal about how Obama is "rapidly shrinking" the federal budget deficit, without any help from Republicans.

You're as credible as Hitler's lawyers, westline. Here are some better oxymorons; "Republican think tank","compassionate conservative", "fiscally conservative Republican", "Ted Cruz" (actually, he's just a moron).

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Oct-17-13 8:37 PM

ok, Hartman 1. The republicans voted enough money to run all of the government, except obamacare. The democrats refused to go along with it without their pet project, so they chose to shut everything down by rejecting the funding without obamacare.

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