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Seifert: MNsure a ‘mess’

With clock ticking on the enrollment deadline, GOP gubernatorial candidate says concern growing across the state

December 19, 2013

MARSHALL — The Minnesota Republican Party spoke out this week — and spoke out loudly — against MNsure, Minnesota’s new embattled state-run health exchange started as a result of the federal......

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Dec-19-13 6:23 AM

Sorry Marty, but as the bulk of YOUR insurance plan is paid off the back of the public, your feigned words and emotion just don't mean too much.

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Dec-19-13 8:13 AM

There are 100,000 Minnesotans who don’t NEED to feign THEIR outrage – it’s real.

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Dec-19-13 8:17 AM

Regardless of how Seifert's health coverage is paid, he's right that the ACA rollout is a disaster. Although that isn't telling us anything new. What is not known by many yet, is that the rollout isn't half as bad as when the full implementation happens.

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Dec-19-13 8:59 AM

The web site is not working well. Why? Why do we not have people with the skills to build a workable website? Why does a local business have to hire people from other countries to maintain and build their technology? The problem exists but will not be cured by criticizing the symptoms. The mnsure site is just another example of the quality of our education system. The health care overhaul is the result of adversarial instead of cooperative politicians.

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Dec-19-13 9:00 AM

obamacare is like a disease. It is spreading, and causing so much problems, loss, and costs nationwide, and causing other nations to laugh at our stupidity at adopting it. This disease should have been stopped long ago. Other nations are laughing at Benghazi, our snooping on other national leaders' cell phones, Syria, obamacare, and the general train wreck that is our "leadership".

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Dec-19-13 9:03 AM

Well said, WBL. Seifert (and his fellow candidates) would be much more impressive if he offered solutions instead of the tired old GOP mantra of "abolish Obamacare!"

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Dec-19-13 9:15 AM

If, in fact, there is a "real mess" here I'd say it is Marty Seifert's campaign. He has jumped on the stale old party line from the get go, and it does not appear that he will be getting off any time soon. The results aren't going to be any better this time around Marty.

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Dec-19-13 9:29 AM

Farm kid: Marty Seifert holds no public office or governnent job. His health insurance or a bulk of it is not "paid off the back of the public." Spreading false statements won't solve this issue and ripping him won't fix what almost everyone agrees is an unmitigated disaster.

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Dec-19-13 10:30 AM

So he wasn't able to continue his health insurance, with the bulk picked up by taxpayers? Want to talk about his nonexistent pension too?

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Dec-19-13 10:43 AM

Perhaps if our state leadership would’ve spent as much effort on MNsure as they did on seizing hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to build a pro football stadium for the billionaire Wilf family, we might have had an acceptable outcome. Governor Dayton was at the very forefront of that effort to hand our money over to the Wilfs.

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Dec-19-13 10:49 AM

I'm re-posting this comment I made on another forum, as it applies here also: I attempted to help a friend use the MNSure web sight. My browser cautioned the security wasn't secure. Yet we forged ahead because of the "DEAD LINE". When we finally got all the way through, the sight indicated my friend qualified for "medical assistance" which was completely incorrect because we know what the guidelines are. What a joke. It is time for a change. If those "In-Charge" are going to force the general public to give up private information and spend time filling out forms, they had better have things safe,secure, and usable.

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Dec-19-13 11:02 AM

Lets not fault Marty and the other GOP candidates for taking advantage of the suffering of others to advance their Gubernatorial campaigns. This may be their only chance to take jabs at Governor Dayton. Its obvious to everyone that MNsure is not functioning as it should leaving many state residents wondering IF they have health care insurance. The problems are with the operation of the website NOT with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Neither website problems nor the ACA will prevent those of us who need health care insurance from getting health care insurance. The inability to navigate a web page with ease can be VERY frustrating however the operational problems can and will be fixed. I am confident non-partisan professionals will eliminate the website problems in a timely manner leaving the GOP candidates to address the shortfalls of Republican domestic policies.

Nothing is "safe" on the internet, DuPage.

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Dec-19-13 12:34 PM

hartman - same question for you - where do you get your healthcare and who pays for it?

You forgot to mention higher deductibles, higher co-pays and much higher premiums. Where is our $2,550 savings?

When we pay tons of money to develop a website, then we should get a fully functioning website. The private sector would have had the job done on time, fully tested and for much less money.

You are correct - the website will eventually be fixed - but the other problems will persist until they fall of their own weight. Obama sure is enjoying the favorable ratings for his healthcare roll-out. Where are all the Dems that voted for this piece of manure?

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Dec-19-13 1:00 PM

The question remains open: does Seifert have a plan for resolving MNSure's problems? What would he do differently than the governor? Or is he simply pointing out the obvious to try and score political points without offering a practical alternative?

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Dec-19-13 1:37 PM

Marty Huggins errr Siefert SHOULD be saying, "The federal government should NOT be involved in healthcare AT ALL! Just like they should not ne involved with public education, social security, housing, taxes, the military, spying on us, foreign conflicts, funding terrorists, propping up puppet governments and I, Marty Siefert, will do everything I can to shrink the federal government and give the power back to the states, if I'm elected governor." Maybe he doesn't have the spirit of a true American patriot to say what's right. Id support Marty if I didn't think he is just like every other political gangster.

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Dec-19-13 1:42 PM

SEL - why is Obamacare and MNSure Marty's mess? It was conceived by Democrats, passed soley by Democrats and run by Democrats. So when will everything be fixed and all the promises kept?

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Dec-19-13 1:59 PM

Hartman: “Lets not fault Marty and the other GOP candidates for taking advantage of the suffering of others…” Right Hartman – just like Governor Dayton-Wilf and his MNsure genius April Todd-Malmlov (back from two weeks of tropical vacation) weren’t taking advantage of them either.

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Dec-19-13 3:51 PM

yes rollout has had problems. But, the biggest issue is that we should have single payer, and should have had to start with.

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Dec-19-13 4:26 PM

Al, if this is just the democrats' mess than why does the GOP keep bringing it up? A leader doesn't just point out problems, they fix them. If a political candidate highlights a problem caused by their opponent(s) than I expect them to tell me what they would do differently to resolve the issue.

Rule #1 of successful sales: tell the buyer what's great about your product, not what's bad about the competition's product. Sales guys who bash the competition look like they just don't have anything good to say about their own product.

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Dec-19-13 4:41 PM

For the first time, I will disagree with rangeral. Let's not give manure a bad name by associating it with obamacare. Manure has value as an organic fertilizer.

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Dec-19-13 5:32 PM

SEL - when are the "leaders" going to fix all the problems?

Rule #2 - if you don't have the votes (i.e., control of the Senate and the White House), you can't change anything. But you can speak up about what is wrong.

And there is plenty wrong.

Print out this discussion and then take a look at where we stand in October after all the company-provided healthcare is gone or is too expensive.

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Dec-20-13 6:31 AM

WOW Marty, point out the obvious!! Think maybe you would have said something about how you could fix the mess!!!

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Dec-20-13 9:23 AM

The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats have a bigger heart for the most vulnerable, but at times are simply clueless on how to efficiently target that assistance. This healthcare debacle is outrageous, and Democrats own it. Republicans should offer constructive advice--Democrats certainly need it--and address the flaws so that affordable healthcare is available to all.

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Dec-20-13 9:45 AM

Republicans have had multiple opportunities spanning several years to contribute meaningful, sensible and useful policies that would improve the delivery of health care eburke. Republicans have chosen to do everything possible to DEFEAT any proposal designed to make healthcare more affordable. Evidently Republicans are both heartless and clueless. At least Democrats are trying.

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Dec-20-13 9:56 AM

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