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In some ways, culture in America has changed for the worse

February 19, 2014

To the editor: It isn’t often that I feel provoked to write on political matters. There are so many more important things in life than politics and all things political....

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Feb-27-14 3:05 PM

I won't debate you on this one Hartman. After all you are the expert on contrived allegations and weak arguments.

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Feb-27-14 11:50 AM

Clever WW07, contrived allegations are the best means of supporting a weak argument. That is the "certain truth" for some conservatives.

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Feb-27-14 10:11 AM

Certain truths are true for all men and all times: Cherchez la femme. Follow the money. Keep your powder dry.

Unfortunately, 21st century progressives have their own:

Always redistribute the wealth.

Whenever a conservative scores on here, one of the old reliable progs has either heartfelt advice or condemning scorn. Some do the advice (H75) and others do the scorn (Really, Blas). I do not have time or space to break you all down individually but I know you. I know how to get you all riled up so you say crap like "I'm not sure which God or Bible you are following..." and "You are hellbent on being the dumbest SOB..."

Meanwhile you all claim to be rational, reasonable and more fully informed.

Guys, you are like the grackles when they first arrive in spring. Each of you adds to the noise but none of it means much.

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Feb-27-14 4:35 AM

WW07, now that RangerAl has passed it seems you are hellbent on being the dumbest SOB on here. Stay on topic. We all know your ilk doesn't want to pay taxes(but wants all the services they think they deserve), as John Boehner said recently when asked about carried interest " blah blah blah". You say "we are denied the use of our own oil", except for the fact that we are using more of our own oil than ever. Not only have you already lost this argument but you are on the verge of losing every argument you hold dear, must really be tough emotionally. The world moves forward while you sit and spin.

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Feb-26-14 6:43 PM

Really. Again. What is the science of taxation? Because that is all you phonies are interested in. When the cost to humanity and nature of your scammorama green crap is pointed out, documented, you all could care less. Windmills kill the bald eagles. The solar array in the Mojave fries whatever birds fly over. Farmland in the San Joaquin is being left parched by asinine EPA regs. We are denied the use of our own oil. Because we are saving the planet? No. Because we need to give a leg up to other countries to support some other cooked up "global" nonsense. You haven't got a scientific leg to stand on. You have a meaningless myth called climate change on which you base a whole new mass march into perdition like your forbears did with eugenics. I see they are being combined, in fact. What is the scientific term for robbing people blind before you exterminate them?

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Feb-26-14 5:45 PM

WW07, understanding science, much like the science used by the dentist who wrote the piece, is elevating ones self to God like???? You may not realize this, its not in the bible, but going to the dentist isn't just about vanity its about bacteria and infection better known as science. Are you completely lost in this world? We don't have an impact? We can't effect environment? I guess by your standard since there is a God and its "his" world we cannot pollute waterways making water unusable either. Sorry dude but God has little to do with this its just a fact. We do have an effect and we can do better environmentally and socially. In that sense that is what God would want. After all most Christians believe that we can improve and evolve from the standards of an ancient text not just be stuck in the ignorance that once existed and still unfortunately does.

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Feb-26-14 3:34 PM

Mmmmm…...stringing words together………now, what do you suppose WW07 means by that …oh yeah…those are called sentences WW07..... you know.......written communication. As for the “verbal effect”, maybe try reading the sentences quietly, without moving your lips. Just a suggestion.

Moving onWW07? Too bad, I was looking forward to your next "Bible" based justification for laying waste to our planet.

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Feb-26-14 11:00 AM

Merion, Very well said!

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Feb-26-14 12:38 AM

Criminy, Hart Man. Now you are just stringing words together for verbal effect. Bogus, dude. You can't move the convo forward. I gotta move on.

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Feb-25-14 10:21 PM

No wonder you're having problems interpreting the Bible and climate science WW07 & westline. No where did I state the authority rested with me and rationing is not the same as judicious, upholding or preservation. You two ought to invest in a Strong's concordance.

Some day you both may come to realize and appreciate how important it is that we better understand how biological, physical, chemical forces all interact to regulate our environment which allows us to inhabit this planet. If not you then maybe your great-grandchildren.

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Feb-25-14 7:18 PM

It is good when you can count on something, or someone. And it seems that Hartman can be counted to make things up, and to entertain us.

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Feb-25-14 5:09 PM

There is but one God, Hart Man. It would seem I have had more success finding you in His Bible than you have had finding yourself. I would welcome and encourage you to exercise the stewardship of which you speak. In your own property.

But nowhere in the Bible do I find God giving you authority to ration his abundance with regard to your fellows on earth. You just made that part up.

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Feb-25-14 4:23 PM

"The earth belongs to God. It contains what we need. He gave us human ability and intelligence. We discovered better ways to sustain ourselves by using the fuels god (sic) gave us to power our lives. Thus we can use the entire planet…”

even if by doing so we lay waste to our land, denigrate our air and contaminate our water, all of which, as WW07 points out, was created by God.

So let me get this straight WW07. God placed reserves of petroleum on this earth for us to consume knowing that IF we failed to be judicious and exploited our use of fossil fuels, our reserves would cease to exist and, in the process, effectively render useless the bountiful, life sustaining elements all His creations depend on for survival.

I’m not sure which God or Bible you are following WW07. Mine claims we are to be stewards of what He created. That means to uphold and preserve, not plunder and destroy; ie: Revelation 11:18.

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Feb-25-14 3:21 PM

NBHH & RONA, 5 + years is just a start, that side of the isle will continue to blame Bush or someone else from now to eternity for one reason. They refuse to take responsibility for anything, it's always someone else fault. They feel they are accountable for nothing.

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Feb-25-14 12:34 PM

In addition to huddling near warm water, our ancestors could cuddle up to a dinosaur or two for warmth.

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Feb-25-14 11:10 AM

Really, Really? Arrogance is believing in the creator God rather than elevating yourself to godlike stature? I should have said quite the opposite is true.

And you really believe that worshipping the earth or the gaseous emanations from Al Gore's lying mouth is "smart" and worshipping God is not?

The whole hockey stick theology is being discredited as I write this. Michael Mann, since he profited from his hoax, will be lucky if he stays out of jail.

The earth belongs to God. It contains what we need. He gave us human ability and intelligence. We discovered better ways to sustain ourselves by using the fuels god gave us to power our lives. Thus we can use the entire planet and not simply huddle near warm water depending upon only wind and sunlight as our ancestors did.

I am an intelligent person but I do not believe I am smart enough to be my own god and for that you judge me to be less intelligent than you. And this is arrogance on my part? Really?

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Feb-25-14 10:57 AM

Per Peterson wrote an "opinion" column. I would hope it has some opinion in it, and that includes having the right to use the word homophobe. Just as Doctor Frerich can express opinion in his letter to the editor. But to demand that Per apologize undercuts Doctor Frerich's own comments about the open exchange of ideas and civil debate. You should not ask for an apology every time you're offended by someone else's opinion. That just leads to the culture of empty apologies that Frerich says he does not like. What if Per were to ask Doctor Frerich to apologize for intruding into Per's opinion space? Per and Doctor Frerich have their opinions, and they've stated them. That's a great thing, but to ask someone to apologize for their opinion is to ask them to surrender that opinion. That is not a great thing.

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Feb-25-14 8:32 AM

Teacher in Marshall you are a good example of why so many of our kids have troubles. You can't admit you made a mistake in believing in Hope and Change instead of facing reality that the actions of this administration has set the country back in many ways. Believing lying is the best answer instead of being responsible for our own actions is leading this country down a sad path. Dumbing down our students by lowering the grade standards is another example this pathetic leadership ability to make excuses.

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Feb-25-14 3:45 AM

The arrogance of the right, of conservatives, is at an all time height. To blindly believe that our presence, our behaviors, our use of fossil fuels can't in any way disrupt the normal workings of our mother Earth is just ignorant. Burning billions of barrels of oil a day, hundreds of millions of gallons of gasoline, millions of pounds of coal can't possibly erode the ozone, increase temps, melt icecaps, effect weather patterns, no way no how. Rush Limbaugh says so, so do 3% of "scientists". I call the people that believe this "future Marty voters" or fools.

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Feb-25-14 3:35 AM

I wonder if our local dentist believes in the science his career is based on????

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Feb-25-14 3:01 AM

teacherinmarshall, operative point "5+ years"!! What could Bush possibly have to do with the grand, dangerous debacle his inept, befuddled, yet arrogant successor has visited upon us? But you're right of course. The term "lies" does not come anywhere near describing the vomit we've gotten from Obama for those "5+ years".

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Feb-25-14 12:20 AM

Good point Rona! That's why we're elated that he's spent the last 5+ years painting pretty pictures at his Texas Ranch! ;-)

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Feb-24-14 10:55 PM

Global"climate change" caused by the United States national debt. That is a proven fact. All the bad weather is increasing, and so is the national debt.

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Feb-24-14 9:25 PM

All we ever have with which to refute Hart Man's indignation are history and facts. We know those will not work. The next volume of history, when it is written, will marvel at the climate science religion's ability to guilt people of the earth into depriving themselves of heat, light and even descendants in an attempt to save the earth which is neither theirs to save nor in need of saving. It is and always has been a scam of grand proportions. Don't let me interrupt. Those who believe Al Gore richly deserve Al Gore.

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Feb-24-14 2:47 PM

So “Climate Change” guarantees profits to corporate cronies, government research grants to compliant scientists & elitist political controls which force consumers to pay for the scam? Is that your version of manufactured intelligence WW07?

Try this; corporations generating pollution support people like Charles Battig that claim climate change is a myth. Maintaining the status quo benefits Corporations, not the American public suffering from the consequences of contaminated air, land and water. Just as the tobacco industry found numerous “scientists” to declare cigarette smoking was harmless & automakers warned smog reduction devices would make their vehicles unaffordable, those denying climate change are attempting to bamboozle the American public.

Corporations must be accountable for the pollutants they generate as a direct result of their business operations. Sadly, according to WW07, the concept of accountability is too “spiritual” for Conservatives to grasp.

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