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Gas prices are for real

June 19, 2014

To the editor: When I got my first car in 1960 the gas was selling for 20 cents a gallon. I filled my gas tank for about $2.50. The prices stayed very reasonable for many years....

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Jun-25-14 11:27 AM

farmkid got it in comment #1, simply greed.

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Jun-22-14 8:05 PM

Ron. Let's see cost to lease oil land 5 grand a month. Cost for rig machine. 80 grand a month or more. Average pay of oil worker 27.00 n hr average work week over 100 hrs a week. Housing in Bakken 4 grand a month. Numerous salt water trucks oil trucks and massive overtime. I'm surprised gas isn't higher. No pipeline and semi drivers get about. 28.00 to 30 an hour. Gas station attendants massive overtime base wage 15 n hour. So be thankful gas isn't 9 dollars a gallon Ellen in the Bakken Ps your roads don't have crater holes

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Jun-20-14 8:18 PM

In 1960 you could buy a tank of gas for ten quarters (2.50). Those quarters, minted in silver, would be worth enough today to fill that same tank. You could ask for a minimum wage of fifteen worthless dollars per hour or you could ask for money that is worth what gas is worth.

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Jun-20-14 6:49 PM

Funny, but I don't hear anyone commenting how his/her own income has gone up in comparison to other prices like gas and insurance. Maybe we just don't understand Reaganomics.

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Jun-20-14 9:14 AM

Any excuse possible and the price goes up. Price gouging or, You want it, You need it pay our price or do without. I have seen that on several fronts over the years. Look at all the taxes that are on a gallon of gas. Gov subsidy's yes there is but how much taxes is this company paying and how much taxes does the product earn? I was surprised nobody yelled Its Bushes fault yet? So the price of gas has gone up how much has your health care gone up? How much has a new vehicle gone up. We are in a world market. How much does meat cost? Gone to McDonalds lately for the .39 cent hamburger? Try to buy a decent used vehicle lately. Where did they go? Ever hear of Cash for Clunkers? Inflation will eat a lot of your money. Increase minimum wage to 15.00 and watch how much more will be paid in taxes. Tax money doesn't produce more money like investing wisely in private economy does. Note I am not talking about Solyndra etc.

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Jun-19-14 7:13 PM

There's a difference between making a profit and then making trillions of dollars while the average person struggles to pay the bills and live a life. It's called greed.

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Jun-19-14 2:26 PM

My biggest problem is two-fold. First, the Federal Reserve expanding the money supply, which devalues the dollar. Second, the oligarchs that control the government tax the consumer and let multinational conglomerations go tax-free. Companies making money/profits/greed are not the problem.

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Jun-19-14 1:53 PM

My biggest problems are the trillions that oil companies and OPEC each make, and then they point the finger at each other.

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Jun-19-14 10:15 AM

Prices go up, prices go down, and were well below a dollar from 1986 to 1989. I've lived here since 1992, and gas has been down to a dollar a gallon three times: 1992-93, 1998, . Table 5.24 at EIA dot GOV will give you the history of gas prices.

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Jun-19-14 9:57 AM

Before you blame the oil producers, you may want to research gasoline profit margins vs. taxes per gallon. You might also compare historical gasoline prices in terms of gold or silver. The biggest problem with your reasoning is that you are using a measurement that keeps on changing. The dollar is being devalued, and has been since 1913, and therefore isn't a good measuring stick.

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Jun-19-14 9:46 AM


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Jun-19-14 9:00 AM

Kudos to you, Mr. Mosch, for laying the blame where it belongs; at the feet of the oil companies. As I started reading I expected to find the usual conservative rant about it somehow being the president's fault, but you kept the criticism aimed at the right target. What I don't understand is why the republicans in congress keep voting for tax subsidies for ompanies that are making record profits at the pump.

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Jun-19-14 7:30 AM

Now wait a minute, it's the OPEC countries. Oops, wait a minute, it's not them, it's the refineries. Oops, just a sec, it's the hurricanes affecting the refineries. Oops, I mean, it's the whole supply and demand thing...

Greed, plain and simple.

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