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CURE: Climate change should be everyone’s concern

July 5, 2014

MARSHALL — Rural Minnesotans have a voice in the pursuit of cleaner air and water if they choose to use it....

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Jul-07-14 2:06 PM

Its obvious by the on-going deterioration of our water, air and land that pollution negatively effects our environment. Taxpayers have paid billions of dollars to clean up the mess left behind by industry in addition to the billions contributed in subsidies. There is no such thing as “cheap” energy. Its time for industry to take responsibility for the waste they generate. I pay to dispose of my waste, businesses should do the same. Solar, wind and other forms of sustainable energy currently under development offer a means to reduce the amount of pollutants dumped into our atmosphere. We must continue that course of action if we expect future generations to succeed. Although weather patterns do change, science clearly shows waste generated from burning fossil fuel does influence our climate. The choices made by past generations have affected our quality of life and now our children’s quality of life is dependent upon our choices. Individual choices DO matter.

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Jul-07-14 8:31 AM

Cure is pushing climate change better known as global warming which has been proven using crooked figures and fantasy pictures. We see dead eagles with other birds under the windmills and with a stroke of his pen Obama excuses it. Solar power also kills as we have seen in the Nevada deserts. People have been brain-washed by so-called scientists who make a good living with all the gov grants they get and continue the fiction by using fake numbers. They use the same methods as Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to push their agenda. Filter strips are fine in certain circumstances but when you get a lot of rain they are much to little to late. Look at all the towns with flooded buildings around here. Their drains and systems were designed by experts and as we see they are not perfect. Mother nature still wins. Look at your electric bill going up and ask why? We are paying for that inefficient wind and solar system. Ask about the life span of both systems.

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Jul-07-14 7:43 AM

Ask any xcel customer to look at their electric bill and see how much of a green energy surcharge (resource adjustment) is being charged to them. If cure and other environmental groups get their way that number would be over ten times as much. As far as filter strips what about all the carbon created from the required burning? If we want more windmills we need a backup. What do you propose when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining. Its also interesting that Al Gore is the owner of the largest carbon credit company in the US.

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Jul-06-14 8:41 PM

During the 1970's, the alarmists were flapping their yap about global cooling. they didn't know what they were talking about then. Then, Al Gore and others made up this global warming thing. Then, as that was obviously wrong, now they are yapping about "climate change". Which conveniently covers anything but sunny and 75.

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Jul-06-14 8:32 PM

So the director of international student services has, in a 30 mile drive in July, been convinced that we are, by burning coal, changing the climate of the earth.

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Jul-06-14 1:40 PM

... Is years off

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Jul-06-14 1:40 PM

I'm with you on the buffer strips. It's time the law is enforced. However, the global warming/climate change hysteria shouldn't drive our energy policy, especially when James Hanson fudged the numbers. The weather has varied forever.

We get 40% of our energy from coal, and 411 coal plants are set to close because of new regulations. This will cause energy prices to "necessarily skyrocket" exactly as promised by the one with a pen and a phone. This is economic suicide. Feels like "fundamental transformation".

Why don't we see news stories about the catastrophes caused by wind generators, including the effect on the bird population? And how about the constant hum of them for people who live near them? Put a sea of them surrounding the metro area, they have enough wind to generate power. Or is the NIMBY syndrome in play, like off the coast of Massachusetts?

I do like the idea of solar, but the technology to economically provide a large amount of power is year

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