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Lyon County Board

Meeting - June 3

June 26, 2008
Marshall Independent

June 26, 2008




June 3, 2008

9:00 AM - Meeting called to order by Chairman Goodenow. Members present: Fenske, Ritter, Goodenow, Nelson, Stensrud, and County Administrator Stomberg, Attorney Maes and Auditor/Treasurer Van Overbeke.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Nelson moved, seconded by Ritter to approve the agenda. All voted in favor.

The following per diems and expenses were presented:

Per Diem Expense

Fenske $190 Nelson $190 $100.51

Stensrud $200 $95

Ritter $150 $94.44

1.Approve Minutes from May 20, 2008.

2.Approve Commissioner Warrants 122252 to 112322 in the amount of $188,913.47.

3.Approve Auditor Warrants 112203 to 112221 in the amount of $153,541.43 dated 5/22/08 and 112236 to 112251 in the amount of $12,313.34 dated 5/29/08.

4.Approve Per Diems & Expenses

5.Authorize Board Chair and Auditor/ Treasurer to sign Grant 2008/2009 JABG - 000002.

6.Accept $750 donation from Buyck Family to be used for benches for the new playground.

Fenske moved, seconded by Stensrud to approve the consent agenda. All voted in favor.

Ritter moved, seconded by Nelson to approve a subordination agreement with the Bank of the West on an ISTS Note and Septic System Lien for a septic system replacement loan granted to Mark and Shannon Pedersen in the amount of $8,096. All voted in favor.

Fenske moved, seconded by Ritter to approve a quote for topcoat alternate daily cover. All voted in favor.

Stensrud moved, seconded by Fenske to keep the temporary part-time position in the Maintenance Department at the Landfill and to include it in part of the litter control plan. Fenske - What is the wage? Henriksen - He is temporary part time so it is $8.00 per hour. It is not on the scale but if it turned into permanent part time we would probably put it under Landfill Worker. DeLanghe - What is the plan again, it sounds like a mandatory shut down? All voted in favor.

Stensrud moved, seconded by Nelson to request Paul Henriksen, Environmental Administrator, to develop a policy closing the landfill during periods of high winds and develop a plan of alternatives. Stensrud - I think building a building sometime is going to be the alternative to this but I dont want to do anything like that until we find out about the alternative projects. Discussion. All voted in favor.

10:16 Meeting Recessed 10:30 Meeting called back to order

Stensrud moved, seconded by Ritter to move the radio tower according the quote from Alpha Wireless. Stensrud - How long for the concrete? Dahl - I was told seven days and it will start to harden. Discussion. Nelson - This base will be built on the specs of the other one? Dahl - Yes. Fenske - When you put of the new tower you have guarantees with the base? Stomberg - It is according to the specs. Dahl - It includes rerouting, cabling, concrete, and crane. All voted in favor.

Nelson reported on the AMC Quarterly Meeting and the Fair Board.

Fenske reported on PAC and negotiations with the Highway Maintenance Department. Also, reported on the AMC District Meeting. Fenske - I have a letter from Veterans Affairs. You can see the total received talking about millions of dollars to our Veterans.

Ritter reported on negotiations with Highway Maintenance Department.

Stensrud reported on the AMC District meeting and Soil and Water. Also reported on RC & D, Public Health, and the meeting in Cottonwood regarding Highway 23.

Goodenow reported on Plum Creek and the EDA.

11:10 Ritter moved, seconded by Nelson to go into closed session to discuss labor negotiations. All voted in favor.

11:30 Ritter moved, seconded by Nelson to come out of closed session. All voted in favor.

Stensrud moved, seconded by Ritter to adjourn until June 4th at 8:00 a.m. All voted in favor.

Mark S. Goodenow, Chairman

Attest: Loren Stomberg Lyon County Administrator



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