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Unofficial Minutes - Subject to Corrections

Board of Appeals & Equalization - June 16, 2009 Meeting

July 21, 2009
Marshall Independent

July 21, 2009


June 16, 2009

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Stensrud at 7:00 p.m.

Members present: Fenske, Goodenow, Nelson, Ritter, Stensrud, and Auditor /Treasurer VanOverbeke.

Others present: Assessor Champine, Assistant Assessor Runholt.

Pledge of Allegiance.

VanOverbeke gave the oath of office.

Stensrud turned the meeting over to Assessor Champine.

Champine went over the valuation data, sales data, local board of appeals and equalization changes.

Paul Gervais - Sec 22, Monroe Township SW1/4 NW1/4 and N 1/2 NW1/4.

Mr. Gervais purchased the land for $194,738.70 at an auction. Original value was $357,400; the local board of appeals lowered the value to $288,800. Mr. Gervais requesting that the value is lowered closer to his purchase price. The property has a lot of waste land, wetlands and less tillable acres. Local board lowered the tillable acres from 86.37 to 80.37. Actually when I planted I only have 73.1 tillable acres. Discussion. County board will not adjust tillable acres. Value for tillable acres $2500. and for wetland acres $500.

Nelson moved, seconded by Goodenow to lower the 2009 appraised value to $216,500. All voted in favor.

Dick Vromen - Sec 36, Clifton Township. Concerned with the bunker silo, machine sheds and grain bins going up in value. Vromen not asking to change value, but the system needs to be changed on how values are figured for bunker silos.

Tom Spielman - Sec 26, Lake Marshall Township. Spielman requesting value be lowered, the upstairs in not finished and is living in the basement. Champine - the local board lowered value by $8,600. Discussion on comparables.

No action taken by board - leave value at $143,700.

Wally Wickmann - concerned with value going up $116,100 when the home was built in 2006. Champine explained that the land values have gone up 25%. Requested that Wickmann stop by the office and they would give him the breakout between the buildings and land values.

No action taken by board.

Eugene & Grace McChesney - Sec 12, Coon Creek Township. (Summary from Assessor Champine, McChesneys not present)McChesneys concerned with the value and the taxes are too high.

Champine explained that the parcels are split classed as agricultural homestead and commercial due to the fact that gravel is mined and stockpiled on these parcels.

No action taken by the board.

Stensrud adjourned the meeting at 8:23 p.m.

Rodney Stensrud, Chairman of the Lyon County Board of Commissioners

Attest: Paula VanOverbeke

Lyon County Auditor/Treasurer



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