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Vikings make mistake with Favre

August 19, 2009
David Griswold

Are you kidding me?

Almost a month after Brett Favre told the Minnesota Vikings he was going to hang up his pads for good, he now revokes his statement and has decided to join the boys in purple.

He joined the team on the practice field Tuesday afternoon, but there have also been reports that he will making the start under center in Friday's preseason game against Kansas City.

I can't help but repeat myself, but are you kidding me?

Not only does Favre get what he wants by coming back into the National Football League with a playoff contender, but he gets to do so on his own terms - after training camp.

Former Viking and ESPN analyst Cris Carter admitted he, too, would have extended his career if he would have had the opportunity to miss out on training camp. He went on to state that training camp is one of the main factors that drives players into retirement.

But for Favre, it's his way or else.

The 'or else' being that he will join a division rival and play you at least twice in the season.

I never respected the Green Bay Packers more than when they finally told Favre they weren't going to put up with the constant offseason soap opera that is his life - the decision of retirement.

Now, the 39-year-old diva will bring that baggage to his former NFC North division rival.

But instead of the drama being his retirement, it has shifted to revenge on his old team - the Packers.

Some Viking fans have said they can't wait to see Favre step foot on his old stomping grounds, but what I don't think they realize is that there is a possibility Favre crumbles in front of his old teammates, coaches and supporters.

If the NFL were scripted, it would be a nice feel-good story, but the fact remains the Packers released him last year because they felt they would be a better team without him. So, current Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will also be playing with something to prove.

If Rodgers were to take down the All-Mighty Favre, that could be the turning point in the 25-year-old signal-caller's career.

It will be a game the entire nation will be tuning in to watch, so I hope for Minnesota head coach Brad Childress, Favre and the Vikings organization's sake, the purple and gold come out on top.

What an embarrassment it would be to have all this speculation about being a Super Bowl contender, and then the Vikings fall to a team that finished 6-10 last season.

His legacy was already tainted last year when he broke down halfway through the season to help the New York Jets finish 9-7, but losing to his former franchise, would definitely take the cake.

If there was one thing Favre did prove was that he is past his prime and possesses the possibility to faulter under the pressure of the postseason.

He went 1-4 at the help in the last five games to eliminate the Jets from the playoffs.

He finished the season completing over 65 percent of his passes, while throwing 22 touchdowns and 22 interceptions. The Minnesota quarterbacks - Gus Frerotte and Tarvaris Jackson - teamed up to also throw for 22 touchdowns and complete nearly 60 percent of their passes, but with five fewer interceptions.

One thing is certain, if Favre is to succeed during his stint with the Vikings, he will have to get over his Metrodome mistakes. He is 6-10 in his career at the Dome, so if he doesn't at least double that figure in the wins column this year, the season could likely be a disaster, especially with three of the road games facing off against playoff teams from last season, including both Super Bowl qualifiers.

I'm also anxious to hear what happens with the other of the quarterbacks in Minnesota. You know, the ones that showed up for camp, showed their devotion to the team by practicing in camp all to help develope a chemistry with their surrounding cast.

After being guaranteed a chance to compete for the starting position, Sage Rosenfels will have to spend yet another season watching from the bench. Jackson, who also entered the season vying for the starting role, seems the obvious choice to be released if Rosenfels doesn't demand or trade or a release.

Jackson is in the final year of his contract and has not proven enough to be re-signed to this point, and if he spends another year riding the pine, he won't get that chance.

The only good I see from this acquisition is that there will be no more black-out scares and the team will rake in the dough with all the bandwagon fans. Hopefully, that will help pay for the new stadium, whether it be in Minneapolis or Los Angeles.

But there's no denying it anymore, it's going to be the geezer's year, and if he lets down the millions of Viking fans around the nation by not bringing them a Super Bowl, it's likely there will be something else both Green Bay and Minnesota will be out for other than the Lombardi trophy - Favre's head.



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