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Don’t ignore lawn in September

September 24, 2009
By Stephanie Bethke DeJaeghere

It is grass gardening time again!

This is the part of the growing season that as things tend to wind down in our flower and vegetable beds, it is time to pay attention to our lawns. I have to admit I am one of those people who would favor more flower beds dotted around the lawn which equals less lawn versus more lawn. There are also those of us who take great care and pride in having the perfect lawn, and I have to admit I am not one of them but I think I married one.

Yes, I will admit that we do not have the perfect lawn. In fact it is far from that, but we are working on changing that as much as we can. And now is the best time to work on spraying or applying your favorite granular product to the lawn to get rid of some of those weeds. The weeds that you don't kill off now will be weakened and we can hope for a little help from Mother Nature and her cold winter temperatures to polish off those weeds that the weed killer products didn't take care of. If you have a tough problem with weeds and you also want to fertilize them, then do it separately to make sure that the weed killer will work properly. Fertilizing can be done now and the last application can fall around Halloween time. This seems late and yes, we have had snow on the ground at this time in the past but you can adjust your timing according to the weather report.

This is also a great time to do any re-seeding or other types of lawn repair including laying sod. Power raking or vertical mowing can also be finished up now as well. This will help out those lawns that are thin. You also do not need to mow quite as often now as well. Of course, since we have had such dry conditions, we have not had to mow quite as much this summer as usual but since the cool, wet weather has come back into play, you may see that the lawns are growing a little more quickly then usual.

For those of us who need to remove many of the leaves left on the lawn, don't panic. You can mulch a light layer of leaves into the lawn and not cause any problems either with unsightly rows or by smothering the plants. The only time you need to worry about leaves is if they do make windrows as you mow the lawn.

Fall lawn care is much different then taking care of the lawn in the spring time. A spring lawn is more actively growing the leaf or the part of the plant that we mow each week while fall lawn care is directed more towards the roots of the plant. This is the time that the plant actively gets ready in order to grow well next spring and summer. If taken care of properly now, next spring or summer when growing conditions get tough, the plants that make up your lawn will be ready to take on whatever Mother Nature sends its way.

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