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Here's a thought for Aug. 13

August 13, 2010
By The Rev. Wesley J. Johnson

Wesley United Methodist Church

Why did God make mosquitoes?

Last summer I moved to Marshall and was amazed with the lack of mosquitoes. I moved from Staples in central Minnesota where mosquitoes seemed to be everywhere. I was told that it was an abnormal year for the pesky assassins. As this summer has remained moist throughout without a serious dry spell the little vampires have made themselves much more known to me. I have found myself muttering at times, "Why did God make mosquitoes?" Mosquitoes seem to have no good purpose. They suck our blood. They make us itch. They pass diseases. Why would a loving God make mosquitoes?

I don't have any technical information to answer that question. I do know that there are animals that get most of their diet from mosquitoes, such as bats. Some would then ask, "Why did God make bats?" Of course the answer is to eat the mosquitoes, which brings us back to the main question.

This question may not be a lot different than "Why does God allow cancer?" Or we could ask it about any disease or natural catastrophe or tragedy. I do know that God allows some things so that we will be reminded that we desperately need God. I do know that God can take things that are evil in our lives and use them for good. Jesus' crucifixion was the greatest evil ever conceived on this earth yet God took that evil and turned it into the greatest good. Through Christ's death on the cross you and I have the hope of salvation from sin and death as well as the power to overcome evil in this life through the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:28 tells us, "we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him..."

Do you love God? Know that whatever evil or pain you are facing in your life God can turn it into good if you are willing to trust God and love God. I don't know how God can make putting up with mosquitoes be good for me, but I sure have praised God when the mosquitoes have left.



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