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Must-see websites

September 2, 2010
By Stephanie Bethke-DeJaeghere

The Internet is a vast cache of knowledge which can be overwhelming if you are looking for something specific such as a disease or insect. There is so much to look through and all of it can be confusing. It is also hard to know for sure if some of the information that we can read online is true and correct. I tend to stick to the University web pages for the best information you can find on the web.

The first webpage to check out is our very own U of M Extension website. You can go to HYPERLINK "" and it has all sorts of tips plus an addition that was added last year. You can go to the "What is wrong with my plant" tab which not only has a good written description of what you are looking for on any particular plant, it also has pictures. The next tab is "Is this plant a weed?" If you are like me, sometimes you have other plants showing up in the garden which are pretty but then you find out that they are not so nice. You can go to this tab and find out what it is you have exactly. The third tab to try is "What insect is this?" which also works great if you happen to run across an insect in the garden and just wonder what it is or if you happen to be having some problems with an insect eating up some of your plants.

This will help you to identify the insect and also help you to control the insect on the plant correctly. is a web based garden journal that was put together by Barb Hegman who is a Master of Ag grad from the U of M. You can input what you are growing, how it is doing and so forth. Her motto is 'successes and failures provide lessons to help you become a better gardener'. The first 30 days are free and after that, the cost is $21.00 per year. You can also make your own garden journal buy simply writing down your observations in a cheap notebook but it won't be as fancy.

The Berry Diagnostic Tool is a great website from Cornell. Cornell has a great website, too, but some of the things it discusses will not necessarily work here because our growing conditions are different than theirs. The Berry Diagnostic Tool will help you decide what is going on with any number of different kinds of berry problems. The website address is HYPERLINK ""

The next website is a good one to back up the U of M website's "What is wrong with my plant." The Tomato problem solver website is also a good place to visit for pictures regarding problems with our tomatoes and it is also helpful in discussing what to do about it. This website can be found at

The last website is one that I have been reading with great interest. It is scientifically backed research on garden myths. This is one I will be visiting and bringing to you soon regarding things like using baking soda as a fungicide or the use of coffee grounds in the garden and so forth. It is very interesting reading. This can be found at Washington State University extension urban horticulture's website.

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