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Short takes for Oct. 29

October 29, 2010
Marshall Independent

Pheasant hunt

THUMBS UP: Hats off to everyone involved in organizing this year's annual mentor pheasant hunt, an event that puts male and female youth and adults together with experienced outdoorsmen. The program not only teaches kids about the intricacies of hunting, it fosters gun safety and also gets the participants out into the field for some live action. It's important for kids to have experiences like this, even if it might not turn them into full-fledged hunters. Getting youth outside to experience something they might not have had the chance to otherwise has many benefits, and the people who sacrificed their time last Saturday should be commended.

Cells in schools

THUMBS?UP: We applaud area schools for working with parents when it comes to cell phones at schools. Parents want their children to have cell phones for safety and convenience, and schools, while laying down restrictions and boundaries to cell phone use, do allow them on campus. This is a two-way street though - students need to remember to respect administrators and teachers and not try to sneak in a text here or a text there in class, because cell phone use is a privilege that the schools can easily take away. Then, nobody wins.

Assistant county attorney in YMC

THUMBS?UP: We support Yellow Medicine County's decision to pursue the hiring of a full-time assistant county attorney. With felonies on the rise in the county - from 4.3 per month last year, to 8.6 per month this year - it's important to have people in place to serve as another voice for the attorney's office and, more importantly, help share the ever-growing workload. Even while counties are looking through the couch cushions to save money these days, handling criminal cases, whether it's drugs, check fraud, or welfare fraud, should not be overlooked in lieu of saving money.



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