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Short takes for Nov. 26

November 26, 2010
Marshall Independent

Airport security

THUMBS UP: Some say the Transportation Security Administration and airports around the country are taking security too far, that the American flying public are being subjected to too much patting down and screening. There was even an unsuccessful National Opt-Out Day (a protest from those who don't want to be patted down) planned for Wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year. To all this, we ask: Can you really have too much security knowing what we know, what we have learned, since 9/11? Ask yourself, what would happen if these security measures didn't exist and we went back to where we were before 9/11 and another domestic attack took place that involved an airliner? Then what? The government and airports would be chastised for not going the extra mile in ensuring our safety in the skies. Is there a middle ground between lax and invasive security? Hopefully. But until it's found, we must remember there is no such as thing as being too safe.

Ready for a recount?

THUMBS DOWN: Minnesota's next governor is supposed to take office Jan. 3. Let's hope that happens. Until then, we're in for another recount, as a Minnesota board on Wednesday ordered one to decide the outcome of the race between Democrat Mark Dayton and Republican Tom Emmer. Dayton has what looks to be an insurmountable 8,770-vote lead, which - because it falls within the half-percentage point margin that triggers an automatic recount - means voters are left to play the waiting game again. This recount is set to begin Monday and finish sometime in mid-December. Best-case scenario: We'll have a new governor on Jan. 3. Worst-case: Someone will file a lawsuit, current Gov. Tim Pawlenty will stay in office, and this will linger on.

Fall sports

SIDEWAYS?THUMBS: The sideways is for the way the season ended for a number of area sports teams - with a loss - but we're proud of our local teams that kept their seasons alive for as long as they did this postseason. At the high school level, the Minneota football and volleyball teams both reached the state tournament and both won in the first round before being defeated, and the Marshall volleyball team dropped its first match of the state tournament before rebounding. At the collegiate level, the Southwest Minnesota State University Mustang volleyball team not only reached the Central Region Tournament, they played host to it and won their first-round match before falling in the semifinals under trying circumstances as their coach, Terry Culhane, lie in a hospital bed after suffering a heart attack hours after the first day of the tournament concluded. Our hats are off to the high school teams that made it to state and to the Mustangs. Congratulations also goes out to the Marshall swimmers who advanced to the state meet this year. We're proud of all of you.



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