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Here's a thought for Dec. 3

December 3, 2010
By The Rev. Grant Blomberg

Open Door Assembly

For most of us who live in Minnesota we are used to the snow and the cold. The one thing that we are never used to is the first really cold weather and the first measurable snowfall. We all have been hit with both of these this week.

We all have had to shovel more than we were used to and put on more clothes than one person wants. For me it was going to be more of a challenge to remove the snow off of my driveway. You see the night before I was playing rec volleyball and rolled my ankle. Trying to walk was hard enough let alone shoveling snow. For most of us we know that when we walk with Christ he sends us blessings that we may not expect.

Tuesday morning came and I was dreading going out to shovel the snow because of my ankle. As I was convincing my wife that she would be able to run the snow blower I heard the roar of an engine in our driveway. The neighbor was blowing out his mother's driveway and had decided that it would be good to come over to ours and help a friend out. He didn't know that I had rolled my ankle; he was just doing what the word says. Love your neighbor as yourself. He was coming over to my yard unselfishly giving of his time and fuel to do a random act of kindness. When we go out of our way to do something for another person and not wanting to have anything in return we are acting like Christ would. We are giving with a cheerful heart and giving out of love for the other person. In Matthew 22:39 it gives us the second command and that is to love your neighbor as yourself. If we follow the first command to Love the Lord your God with all you heart the second command is much easier to do. My challenge to you, the reader, is to show your neighbor in this season of giving how much you appreciate them. You may have a good relationship with them or you may not, but if we could do as Matthew 22:39 commands we will not only do something good but see Christ work in and through our lives. Be Blessed this Christmas Season.



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