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Letter to santa from the garden

December 16, 2010
By Stephanie Bethke-DeJaeghere

Dear Santa. I have been good all year long and have worked hard in my gardens.

While I can't say that I left no stone unturned as far as the weeds went, I did a pretty good job getting things done otherwise, despite the heat, the weeds and the bugs. This year I have a few things on my list that I think most gardeners would welcome to find under the Christmas tree. Please do as you can with the limited amount of time you have left until the big day.

Please keep in mind Santa, plants of any kind, shape or color will also work in a pinch.

The first thing that caught my eye this year that I don't have is a Scarecrow motion activated sprinkler that would work just great for keeping certain pets as well as other four or more legged critters out of my prized gardens. I was also thinking of some other hardware that helps out in the garden such as a gardening spring bucket. It can store up to 43 gallons of "garden trash" but when I don't need it or I am not using it, it compacts down to only 3 inches tall.

The next thing on my list this year is a good set of garden pruners. It amazes me how quickly mine disappear each year, to never return. I have not yet looked in the young Masters of the Gardens area in the garage. I am sure that is where they have been located, too. And while we are talking tools and since I am getting older, it would be nice to have you consider a garden bucket caddy or a garden stool/storage device on wheels. I would also appreciate a pair of really, really good gloves, particularly those kind that such things as thorns, thistles and any other poking type weeks or plants can't get through.

And since these seem to be a little bit on the side of a luxury item (I guess I can always 'borrow' a pair of my husband's fencing gloves for the worst of it), I would also like to have you consider something to rest upon and next to while I relax, reading a book after all of the hard work has been done such as a chaise lounge or a slate firepit. I also like to have a little something to help gussy up the gardens such as some hardscapes or how about some pretty stepping stones or a pretty silver chime for the garden? These always are something that will make the flower gardens just a little bit better.

A good bird feeder or bird bath also works well. After all, they are our friends in the war against the mosquito's right? If you bring me a bird feeder, don't forget to bring bird seed so I can put it out right away and start feeding the little ones, right on Christmas day.

Thanks Santa for reading my letter. I hope you have a good Christmas too. Stephanie. (Oh, in case you have any questions, you can email me at Stephanie@starpoint but you probably already knew that, didn't you Santa?)



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