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Perusing the petunias

February 17, 2011
By Stephanie Bethke-DeJaeghere

I set out this week to take a look at petunias and all of the wonderful various types that we now have available for our home gardens. I found out a little extra information along the way that I am also going to share with you today. First of all, the petunia pictures online and in the gardening catalogs are just wonderful to look at. They really cheer me up with all of their bright colors. I picked through many of the different kinds and I have separated them out. These are ones that you might find a lot of fun to grow this next spring.

The first type of petunia is the spreading type. There are many great types, great color combinations if you have a large area that you want a spreading type petunia.

Baby duck, Tie dye hybrid, Sky blue, Shock wave denim, Magic carpet and the Wave series which include rose, lavender, misty lilac, sky blue and easy wave red. If you want a more hedging type petunia try patriotic and tidal wave silver. The Patriotic variety includes the deep purple, white and red colored petunias. There is also a large listing of single bloomed petunias of which one that has really caught my eye this year is a bicolor called Razzle dazzle. This group also includes Supercascade in blue, white and red colors, Pink sunshine, Fancy dress and Electric morn which is a fluorescent colored petunia. There are some who are only into raising the double petunia plants. There are two that really stand out on my list here and they are: Summer madness and Islands mix. The Summer madness is pink with a red center. It is very striking.

There are many new varieties of petunias this year. The first of its kind is Black cat. A new distinctly black petunia. No, it is not a dark shade of purple. This one is suppose to be truly black. The next one is a really fun colored petunia called Phantom and it is a bicolor. Sunspun yellow is a really beautiful yellow petunia. And then there is something that is really new for petunia lovers called Fuseable multi-pellet petunias. You may see some of our area greenhouses carrying these either as seed or as plants that have been started already.

If you are familiar with what seed balls are, you will be like me and guess this is where they got this idea from. A seed ball is a mix of clay and soil that has whatever seed in it. You just place the ball on top of the soil and water. The seed ball breaks down and takes care of 'planting' the seeds for you. This is sort of the way Fuseable Multi-pellets are too. The company has taken two to three varieties of seeds and put them together in this pellet. You plant this pellet in a color bowl, hanging basket or larger patio container. The plants are brought together by experts on growing seeds for baskets for that perfect basket combination. The combination plants have such names as Flirtini mix or Blueberry Lime Jam mix. Or how about Silk 'N Satin?

The Fuseables also have single species of plants in the petunia category as well as Twisted Dart and Twisted Arrow plants. They have also developed Fuseables for use with lobelias. These include Blues Brothers, White Knights, Ol' Blue Eyes and Bed O' Roses. The combination for Cotton Candy and as well as Silk N' Satin are combinations of petunias along with Bacopa plant seeds. These combinations include the Shock wave petunias. There are also some container grown tomato plants that are becoming available using this method of seed planting.

You can locate some of these combinations of seeds from Jung Seeds and Harris Seeds. You may also locate them locally later this early spring. It is something new to try in your garden this year.

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