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Defending Wisconsin senators

February 28, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Lately I have read reports and comments critical of the Wisconsin Senate Democrats for leaving their state to prevent a quorum in the state senate. They left to prevent a vote on the anti-worker union breaking legislation proposed by that state's "tea party" Republicans.

Leaving to prevent a quorum is a legitimate parliamentary tool to prevent a vote. It is just as valid a tool as a filibuster to prevent a vote. These are Rules of Order used in a democracy.

I believe that those Wisconsin Senators are acting responsibly, given the circumstances. They are not running away from democracy, they are using a valid rule to prevent a quorum. They are not running from their responsibilities, they are doing the ultimate in being responsible.

If people don't like Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure used in representative democracy, well, they should try living in a country that doesn't have them.

Cecil Naatz




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