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Her big debut

It’s not often that a teen will have a solo art show, but this 15-year-old has been gearing up for such an event her whole life

March 12, 2011
By Cindy Votruba

MARSHALL - For Mara Morrill's 15th birthday, she got the "coolest present" - her very first solo art show.

Morrill, a Marshall High School freshman, has her drawings on display at the Daily Grind in Marshall throughout the month.

Morrill said her artistic talent began when she was around 2 years old.

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Mara Morrill poses in front of a few of her drawings on exhibit at the Daily Grind.
This is the 15-year-old’s first solo show and Morrill said she’s been drawing “since she could hold a washable marker.”

"My mom said I've been drawing since I've been able to pick up a washable marker," Morrill said.

Then Morrill remembered that she'd be coloring in books; ones that weren't coloring books.

As she grew older, Morrill said she started practicing more.

"I'd always want a notebook to color in my free time," Morrill said. "I'd always end up obsessing about colored pencils."

Morrill has three favorite artists that she has discovered - Bec Winnel, Courtney Brims and Danny Roberts.

"I look through what they have done and I challenge myself to see if I could get to their level," Morrill said.

She said she was looking for new artists to emulate and came upon the three. Morrill likes what Roberts has to offer.

"I am so in love with his blog," she said.

Morrill takes her drawings from photographs she sees or works from other artists.

How her art got discovered for the exhibit at the Daily Grind is a funny story, Morrill said. Like almost every teen, she has a Facebook page. But on her page, she has an album that is filled with her drawings. Roberta Wyatt, owner of the Daily Grind, is one of Morrill's Facebook friends, and took notice of the art and asked Morrill's mother, Tracy, if it was OK to display the art.

Morrill's mother agreed.

"I love it," Morrill said about having her first-ever solo show.

But she had to create several new drawings for the exhibit. Morrill said she drew about 22 pieces during January and February.

Morrill still has her obsession with colored pencils, but she uses a regular pencil to sketch out her drawing and then moves onto either charcoal, chalk or another tool.

"It depends on what I think might work with the drawing," Morrill said.

Morrill said she's tried painting, but she's "not so great in that department."

"I'm kind of working at it as a career," said the ambitious freshman. "If that's not what God wants me to do, I can be an art teacher."

Morrill has a favorite quote that says art is her passion, her life, and that she doesn't care if she makes a lot of money doing it, it's still her passion.

And her passion led to her first sale as someone bought one of her drawings in the past week.



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