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Short takes for March 18

March 18, 2011
Marshall Independent

Athletes saying the darndest - no, the dumbest - things

THUMBS DOWN: Before last week, when you heard Adrian Peterson's name, you thought about the 296-yard rushing performance against San Diego a few years back. Or the ridiculous run against Cleveland in the season opener two years ago. Now, something else comes to mind - his head-scratching comments he made last week about NFL?players, now locked out by the owners, being treated like slaves. Really? Peterson probably wishes he could take his statement back because it might be one of the most foolish things ever uttered by a pro athlete. And that's saying a lot. Last time we checked, slaves didn't make $3 million per year or have endorsements from shoe and sports drink companies. So outlandish was this remark no one even need bother to worry about context. It's just something that shouldn't have even been said - not to mainstream media, not on Twitter, not anywhere. Peterson, and WNBA?player Cappie Pondexter - who tweeted Saturday that "They did pearl harbor so u can't expect anything less," after Friday's earthquake in Japan - are two shining examples of athletes not knowing when to shut up.


THUMBS DOWN: Pothole season has begun all around Minnesota, and no road is immune to the problem. This year, it might be worse than ever because the amount of groundwater below and around roads. The spring melt we're experiencing is nice, but it also is a contributor to potholes, as moisture freezes at night, causing more cracks and, eventually, more potholes in the roads. The city needs to pay attention to this problem, because potholes don't go away, they get worse.

State basketball

THUMBS UP: The Marshall and Minneota girls basketball teams didn't spend as much time in the Twin Cities as they had hoped, losing in the opening round in their respective classes at the state tournament Wednesday, but we congratulate them nonetheless for their section championships and the fine seasons they both had.



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