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Remember the 1st Amendment and read from the bottom up

April 3, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Dr. Williford's letter (March 30) was an interesting and carefully-crafted presentation stating the concern that some people like Mr. Drietz might actually affect whether or not someone might be deterred from coming to Marshall. The professor encouraged the editor to "edit" and prevent Mr. Drietz from publishing his ideas in the Independent to solve this concern.

I would suggest that this concern be addressed by reading a letter in the Letters to the Editor from the bottom up. If the professor doesn't want to read something from Mr. Drietz, he can do what I do. If you find his name at the bottom of a letter, pass it by and you have wasted no more than two seconds

What standards is the editor to be held to in censoring (not editing) the submissions to the Independent? It appears to me that the First Amendment permits the same rights to Mr. Drietz to publish nonsense as it does the professor, or me.

Gosh, I hope I haven't kept anyone from considering coming to this beautiful little town with all of the wonderful assets it has to offer.

Gene Hochhalter




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