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Detroit’s not alone, but when will problems be solved?

April 13, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

In the Saturday April 9, 2011, edition of the Independent, syndicated columnist Donald Kaul wrote a column titled "Detroit's Ruins."

Mr. Kaul is exactly right when he describes the Detroit that once was when it was a shining example of America's industrial might in the 1940s and '50s.

Mr. Kaul then goes on to blame the "capitalists" who, once the resources of that city were used up and "profits" could no longer me made, abandoned that city with little regard for the human resources that were left behind. Detroit's woes were never the result of too much capitalism as Mr. Kaul and his like minded fellow travelers would like us all to believe. If there was an excess of anything that caused the abandonment of that once great city it was over unionization and government intervention and regulation.

No, "Detroit isn't unique in its decline." Take a look around this country at the cities and states that have the highest unemployment, the highest levels of poverty and crime and then look at who has had the political power in those cities and states. In most cases for decades, Mr. Kaul needs to answer the question: If these people who have the political power are also the best suited to solve the problems of high unemployment, poverty and crime, how much more time do they need?

D.M. Juhl




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