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Compromise needed from GOP

June 1, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

In his latest newsletter, Representative Chris Swedzinski suggested that "if the Governor is willing to 'tax job creators' that means he is willing to tax anyone in Minnesota." Governor Dayton has proposed a modest increase in income tax rates for the top 2 percent of income earners and has been true to his word to only raise taxes on the most fortunate among us.

Those families lucky enough to pay the increased tax would only see their rates go up on those dollars they earn above $250,000. That means that their first quarter of a million dollars of income would not see a penny more in taxes! Moreover, "job creators" do not pay a penny of tax on the wages they pay to workers; they only pay taxes on the profits they keep.

Representative Swedzinski and Senator Dahms have supported a cuts only approach to solving the state's budget crisis. Their decision will lead to devastating cuts to MnWest and Southwest Minnesota State University, higher property taxes, lower per pupil finding for our school children, thousands losing their health care, and continued deterioration of our roads and bridges.

How many families in Senator Dahms and Representative Swedzinski's district make more than $250,000 a year? Almost certainly it is less than 2 percent of us. Governor Dayton has proposed significant cuts to state government along with a modest increase in taxes for the most fortunate.

This is both fair and good for Minnesota. Please join me and ask Senator Dahms and Representative Swedzinski to compromise with Governor Dayton and support his plan for a balanced approach to solving the budget crisis.

Jeff Kolnick




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