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From an unhappy taxpayer

June 2, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

I lived on a farm growing up. My father was full time farmer. He watched his crops very close. If he had to walk a mile from one end to the other he would do it! Just to check how his crop was doing.

So my understanding of a good manager of not only a farm or business is to keep watch of your money. Do not be afraid to walk around and check if something looks a little out of place.

Now to the real story.

There are some landlords of some rental homes in Marshall. THEY drive by ALMOST every day. I would feel VERY HAPPY to drive by and see everything looking GOOD!

I am just trying to hold back on a name. But last winter there was a car parked on the street for three snowfalls more than three weeks! The driveway was only cleared of snow one time. Just to get a car out. Never again this last winter. Snow plows went around it. Did not get moved till spring and all snow was melted. I also had snow dumped on my lawn. Now it is really thin there.

Now there are more problems. Weeds and grass more than 12 inches high.

I would love to say where this is at BUT all I ask is - if it could be you!


I have talked to the city of Marshall and the law officers! They say get along!

I just do not know how to get anything done. Boy how times have changed.

I am a country boy at heart.

I would like to get along. It is My home's value that is going down.

I hate to say it but where is Marshall headed? Maybe the value will go down.

A very unhappy TAXPAYER.

John Thooft




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