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Minnesota government has failed the people for too long

June 29, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Maybe the governor is having a hard time seeing past his tinted Bentley windows what is obvious to all the hard working Minnesotans struggling to get by. Even if he makes it appear through political posturing that the budget issue is the entire Republican fault or not he needs to wake up because Minnesota has been heading down this path long before we got a Republican in the mansion.

Just this week released its breakdown of the states most unfriendly to retired people and guess what? Minnesota was ranked No. 2 below Vermont for the highest taxes. States like New York and even Massachusetts were more friendly states for retirees then the land of 10,000 lakes.

If retired people are not welcome in Minnesota what about business? More taxes is not going to cure Minnesota's problem but more jobs will.

I just returned from a trip across the country while fuel in Minnesota was above $3.60 in Georgia, for example, it was $3.35. Georgia was listed as one of the states with growth and more friendly to retirees then Minnesota and yet has lower gas prices - how can this be?

It seems to me that the government in Minnesota has failed the people for far too long and needs to change its appetite for more taxes. The lie that more taxes will fix this problem is just that, another broken promise and another government agency that does not know how to live within its means. Americans have to budget, why not the government?

Someone needs to tell Dayton that his Rockefeller relatives in New York with the printing press are almost out of ink and they will not be able to bail us out any time soon. Thank God we have legislators that can cure this appetite for more taxes and bigger government that our dear governor has.

We are darn lucky we have Dahms and Swedzinski at post protecting our wallets from more government that seems clueless when it comes to what we truly need as a state.

Raymond Rivera

Redwood Falls



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