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Let’s rein them in

June 30, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Last month the EPA drafted a guide to EPA/Army Corps field offices in an effort to expand jurisdiction over waters under the Clean Water Act. Their overreaching interpretation would allow new heavy regulations on livestock producers and impact anyone with a roadside or agricultural ditch.

This action was taken despite the opposition by 170 members of Congress to the Administration's relentless efforts to expand federal control over what should be state and local waters. A comment period on this plan ends Friday, July 1. Please submit your comments today to the EPA at and contact all of our federal legislators urging them to stop this power grab. Please note that this took place last month! Why isn't the public made aware of these type activities sooner? Why be so sneaky? On another, but related note: June 9th, President Obama signed Executive Order 13575 to form the White House Rural Council. Please read this executive order and do so with your individual freedom in mind.

On its face, the order may seem harmless, but the 25 members appointed to the council alone should make you suspicious; the head of every federal department is included on this council from the Department of the Treasury to Labor, Interior, Justice, Commerce, EPA, Homeland Security.and on and on as well as other executive branch agencies as the President or Secretary of Agriculture may designate. The wording in the directive is so vague and so broad that it leaves a lot of room for mischief. The main intention of this executive order is for the government to take greater control over food, fiber and energy and tie that to access to capital necessary for economic growth, health care and education.

We can't sit quietly by while our freedoms are being eroded; it's up to each of us to stand up for the rule of law and stop these rulings by edict.

Patty Hahn




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