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Educate yourself about depression

July 1, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

I was reading the weekend paper when I ran across the Be Safe column on depression.

I too have depression and know what the writer is talking about.

I knew I was depressed for a few years and got on meds (that I still take) and have had talk therapy, which I don't like because I'm a print person.

Depression is a very misunderstood disease. Like the young man in the column, you are thought to have suicidal tendencies and people do look at you weird.

Some people even shy away when they find out you have it.

As for suicide attempts, even normal (regular, not depressed) people think of it some time in their life. I went for a very long time (years and years) and what brought me to the brink was a hurt like no other. I got close but never did it (just needed to hurt myself) and I have scars to prove it.

I guess what I want to say to people is they need to learn about this and talk about it. It's out there and people shouldn't ignore it. You probably have friends or family who are depressed and just need to talk. Do it!

Lending your ear can be a big help to someone.

To the young man, I'll be saying a prayer for you. You are not alone. People do care.

Good luck!

Barbara "Meg" Carlson




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