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Instant results

Echo woman starts body contouring business in downtown Cottonwood

July 25, 2011
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

COTTONWOOD -When Kim Sander of Echo learned there was a machine that could melt away fat, she was a little skeptical.

But just some time later, she decided to make a business of it.

Sander opened her business Mirror Solution, which does body contouring and cellulite reduction, next to Hot Looks in downtown Cottonwood this past March.

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Photo by Cindy Votruba
Kim Sander demonstrates the suctioning action of the Biogenie, a body contouring system.

Sander was exhibiting her home business, 31 Gifts, at a women's expo in Marshall last fall when she met Kera Haugen of Windom who was looking at her products. Haugen was at the expo demonstrating the Biogenie.

"I asked her what her machine did and she said it was a non-surgical liposuction," Sander said. "Needless to say, that piqued my interest."

The machine, Sander said, is called a Biogenie, a body contouring system that does targeted volume loss and cellulite reduction. It delivers detoxifying microcurrents directly to cellular fluids and fat cells.

"I really quite honestly did not believe it would work," Sander said. But one of her friends encouraged her to try it. Sander said she made sure she wore pants that were a little tighter and a more form-fitting shirt to see if there would be results after a treatment.

Then she saw results.

"I could immediately tell (the difference)," she said. "I lost 6-1/2 inches with my first treatment," Sander said.

The Sander's friend joked and said that they should buy a Biogenie and put it in her living room for them to use. Then she found out the price of the machine.

"That's not something I can try to keep at home," she said.

Sander knew that several of her friends went for body treatments, so she thought about starting her own business.

"I said to my husband 'maybe I can make this work,'" Sander said.

There are two phases of detoxification for the body with each treatment, Sander said.

"You get an increased metabolism for 21 days," she said.

The third phase is a "remodeling" phase, Sander said, where the machine delivers microcurrents that melts the fat. Then Sander uses the machine to move the fat to the lymphatic system.

"With that, the body processes it (the fat) and eliminates it naturally," she said.

The only side effect, Sander said, is having to go to the bathroom a little more often.

"You will literally walk out smaller than when you walked in," Sander said. Sander herself has had only four Biogenie treatments and has lost more than 20 inches and 18 pounds from her body.

The number of treatments one should have and the intervals between treatments depends on that person's personal body contour goals, she said. There isn't any pain involved with the treatments, Sander said, but you sometimes can feel the vacuuming effect of the suction during the "remodeling" phase.

"Now that I've been doing this a few months, I have a lot of faithful customers that return," Sander said.

Sander said she does facials as well.

"They're kind of like mini-treatments," she said.

The Biogenie treatments are not a "miracle cure," Sander said, clients have to do their own part to maintain.

"But if you're sensible about what you do, the fat is gone," Sander said.



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