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Post out of line

August 3, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

A few days ago, I wrote a letter to this forum regarding the daily atheist assaults on religion in this country. As expected the first on-line replies were from angry atheists trying to rebut what I was saying. It was easy to tell I had hit a nerve, but since they were almost a written version of sputtering, perhaps I was a bit too factious.

As I tried to point out, no prayer or religious symbol can cause them harm. To expend time, money and rage with lawsuits as they do is beyond common sense. The only explanation that makes sense is a deep rooted fear in their psyche where they refuse to look, that they made the wrong choice and will one day face God's wrath. Since my bible tells me to pray in private, and turn the other check, I cannot be harmed by their actions. I can only feel pity and sadness for them.

However, as the on-line comments mounted into the dozens, I did see one thing I not only can, but will be angry about. The attack on 9-11 was beyond vicious. Just as we currently salute our armed forces for carrying on the fight, we can and should salute the police, fire fighters, and other volunteers who labored to clean up the mess.

During the towers' collapse, a large piece of wreckage hit the ground and stood in the form of a cross. This became the inspiration for many of them to carry on the most depressing task imaginable. To deny them the right to place this bit of "history" in the memorial is the same as demanding the sculpture of the Iwo Jima flag raising be removed because you have a problem with the American flag.

Believe in God or don't. Waste money and make a fool of yourself in court if you want, but spit on true heroes and you pick a fight with me.

Cliff Reed




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