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Dogs on the loose

August 3, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

On one of my morning walks this week I was, for the fifth time in two years, confronted by an unrestrained dog running to me and jumping on me.

Some background: I was raised on a farm and have been around animals of all sorts for most of my life and am a member of the ASPCA. I like dogs, but I do not like strange dogs charging at me. I don't know what the dog's perception of me is as they approach me. They are, by nature, protective and territorial. Do they view me as a threat? I have no defense against a possible attack.

Also this incident took place on a street in front of one our assisted living facilities. There are seniors out on the sidewalk every day. They are enjoying a walk and staying healthy and active. Some of them use canes or walkers. Being knocked down by an unrestrained dog could end in a broken bone and possibly a life-changing situation. What about a child on a bike?

Another incident:?A dog was running loose in an intersection. Four cars had to stop to avoid it.

I also see owners taking their dogs to the cemetery to do their "business" because they don't want to clean up their mess.

My point is this: Dog owners - you have made the decision to own a pet. You are responsible for that animal. A dog that bites someone is quarantined or put down. In most cases it is not the dog's fault but the owner's lack of responsibility.

The Marshall Police Department has enough to do to keep us safe. They should not have to enforce our leash laws. If you have a dog, take care of it. They are wonderful companions, and both they and the public deserve to be cared for and protected.

Thank you.

Jeanne Regnier




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