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Great Britain in flames

August 13, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

It should come as no surprise that after decades of claiming fame as one of the most generous of the European welfare states that its beneficiaries decided to torch the benefactor.

For the last 40+ years Britain has coddled a class of its citizenry, native and immigrant alike, with a "We pass no judgements" mentality that has produced a permanent underclass that leads the European Union in its illegitimacy rate for single/multi parent families, violent crime, unemployment, lack of an education that creates a productive citizenry, in a lack of understanding of what is acceptable social behavior and a lack of respect for one's fellow citizens and yet demands that the productive class subsidize their lives with a standard of living on par with those who actually put in the effort.

For too long guilt ridden Britons have refused to call bad behavior what it is, have refused to require its immigrants to assimilate and speak the common language, English, and have looked away as these same immigrants have marched against some perceived injustice while carrying the flags of their home countries, the very same countries that had somehow failed them.

Cities in flames and riots in the streets are the tragic outcome of those who promote a sense of entitlement and dependency on the welfare state through the constant drumbeat of victimization and class warfare/envy Britain may have achieved its "Finest hour" in the early years of World War II but it seems that its social welfare policies may have done what two world wars could not.

Good thing that something like that could never happen here.

D.M. Juhl




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