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Short takes for Aug. 19

August 19, 2011
Marshall Independent

Wild campaign promises

THUMBS?DOWN: Rep. Michele Bachmann took campaign promises to new heights (or lows, depending on your perspective) when she announced this week that if elected as president she will bring gas prices down to below $2. Two dollars? While we would love nothing more than to believe Bachmann would be able to accomplish this great feat it seems a bit far-fetched. We know candidates will say just about anything to get elected, so we're taking Bachmann's claim with a huge grain of salt. But we hope this isn't the beginning of a string of potential empty promises. Bachmann has said plenty of strange and inaccurate things during her campaign, but this one might be the most bizarre.

Street striping

SIDEWAYS THUMBS: We're choosing to reserve judgement for now on the city of Marshall's new on-pavement bike trails. It's one more step Marshall has taken to encourage people to get out and exercise, and we're behind that 100 percent. But in order for this to work, it's going to require motorists to pay very close attention to the new markings and drive more carefully since certain streets in Marshall are now basically narrower because of the added striping. We hope added markings on the streets, along with the appropriate signage, will help clear things up for motorists and bicyclists, because in the end, this could turn out to be a real positive for the community.

Vikings and Rebels, together for now

THUMBS UP: While we won't know for sure until next week if high school football players from Lincoln HI (Lincoln and Hendricks) will join the Minneota Vikings football team for the long term - that's still in the hands of the Minnesota State High School League?- it's good to see the Minneota players accepting the former Rebels as teammates in practices. Since Lincoln HI no longer has a football team, returning players needed somewhere to play and Minneota made the most sense. The only snag to the plan would be if the added student-athletes would put Minneota over the enrollment limit to keep them in Class A. If the enrollment were to exceed 220, the deal would be off because it would bump the Vikings up a class. With all that said, we applaud the players and coaches of the Vikings in accepting their one-time opponents on the practice field this summer.



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