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Marshall rocks again

August 26, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Dear residents and citizens of Marshall and the surrounding area, my name is Paul G. Simley and it is with great pleasure and strong feelings of respect that I write this letter to you.

It is my intention to be honest and thankful for another very positive and excellent time that we had to share with members of your community.

My wife, Lee, and I attended the Sounds of Summer event 2011.

Once again we had a very memorable and beneficial day for us and many others who welcomed us with open minds and assured kindness. Extremely well accepted by us and hopefully by those people we shared our caring and sharing ways with them as well. From the moment we arrived in Marshall the smiles and hand shakes and many other ways of your citizens began to show and made us feel like we were at home. We also enjoyed parts of the car show, the parade and the war bird flyover.

What an American tribute to say the very least.

I must tell you that the Sounds of Summer was an absolute delight. It seemed to have grown since their debut. Tilly and the Timebombs and the Cavemen once again put on what the younger generation would say an awesome job. For those of us that have enjoyed their musical ways, I say spectacular!

There were lots of us from throughout the United States that joined in the festivities and struck up many conversations of past and present performances. Wonderful and amazing! I must also say that the numerous people that attended this event appeared to be content in the their ways. Dancing, singing along and talking with each other and having fun without harming anyone else. Thanks from us.

Before I close a very special praise to many.

We as participants of this special event should give very, very positive thanks to the organizers and their staff.

I have a small idea of the people who pulled it together buy you as citizens should be proud of these individuals and their groups and the many volunteers who donated their time and effort to help you and others as well.

Hand shakes, a pat on the back or by saying thank you in your own special way would show some respect and admiration to those you share it with. It may also make you feel good as well. Trust me because I have tried it and you may be surprised by the response. Sometimes small things can be huge to others.

Well it is time to say good bye. I do not like using that so I will say as I often do "until we meet again!"

With utmost respect, gratitude and our love to all of you!

Paul G. and Lee Simley




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