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Blind faith in a ‘bingo tumbler’

August 30, 2011
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

This is in response to the July 30 "Figuring out Atheists," and the resulting 100-plus online comments.

A recent comment on the 14 trillion dollar national debt said "you could pave the entire state of Arkansas (53,104 sq. miles) with those dollar bills." Going a little further; a 100 trillion dollars would pave over 379,314 sq. miles with dollar bills (almost the area of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas combined).

Your body has more than 100 trillion cells. Each one of those cells contains the DNA molecule (something like a helical ladder in which each rung represents a letter in an instruction manual) That "manual" contains more information than the Library of Congress. Unspool that DNA "ladder" in each of those 100 trillion cells, put them end to end and you have a ladder that will stretch from Earth to the sun and back again about 100 times. Your brain has 100 billion neurons networked with some 100 trillion connections all in communication with each other and other cells throughout the body.

The phenomena of genetic entropy is telling us that more and more mutations or "mis-spellings" in the manual are accumulating with each passing generation; which to me, must mean that at one time, the manual probably had no errors; and if we extrapolate backward in time we might even be able to discover the original publication date!

The whole point here being that if, even after only taking a brief look into the field of biochemistry/genome biology you can still believe that something this complex (the human genome) came about by the random mixing of molecules in some big cosmic "bingo tumbler" without the aid of intellectual input, then you have got to have more blind faith than the most zealous religious fanatic.

Phil Drietz




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