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A gardening quiz

December 15, 2011
By Stephanie Bethke-DeJaeghere , Marshall Independent

This is a little bit of a breather from all of our holiday shopping, festivities and other things that go on at this time of the year. So, please, grab yourself a cup of coffee or a cup of hot chocolate, it is time to sit back and see how much you know about gardening.

This is a very short quiz to test your knowledge on all things gardening.

Which of these flowers has the nickname 'heartsease:" lily, tulip, rose or pansy?

What common pie ingredient is the rose related to: blackberries, rhubarb, pumpkins or cloves?

Which side of the garden is the best place for tall or climbing plants: south, west, east, or north?

Which family is the potato a member of: tomato, pea, carrot or morning glory?

Which of these bulbs can have yellow flowers: cyclamen, snowdrop, daffodil or bluebell?

Where do pinks get their name: seeds, pink color, petals zig-zagged edges or leaves are pink?

Which o these shouldn't be plant in a dry sunny area: rosemary, Artemisia, lavender or hydrangea?

Which of these flowers comes in a type that smells like chocolate: rose, geranium, cosmos or phlox?

Which of these trees has white bark: maple, ash, cherry or birch

Which of these always has green leaves: camellia, holly, smoke bush or berberis?

OK, so here are the answers. No peeking until you have really decided on what your answer is:

Heartsease is a pansy. The rose is related to blackberries. The west side of the garden is the best place for tall or climbing plants. A tomato and a potato come from the same family. A daffodil, of course, blooms yellow (and many more colors too). Pinks get their name from their zig-zagging leaves as if someone clipped them with pinking shears. Hydrangeas do not like to be planted in a dry, sunny area. Cosmos can smell like chocolate. There are also some iris' that will smell like chocolate too. Birch, of course, has white bark. And, camellia always has green leaves.

How did you do? I know I have a hydrangea that I have to move next spring because I planted it and then remembered to double check where it should go. Yes, I planted it in a hot, dry spot and now I know why it didn't do very well for me this summer.

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