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A?snippet from the Grammy Awards

February 18, 2012
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

I normally don't watch award shows. I used to many years ago, but not so much lately. Sure it's nice to see what stars are wearing, catch an awesome live performance or cheer on a favorite when he or she wins an award. but then there are the long, drawn-out speeches or the bizarre outfits.

I caught a tidbit of Sunday's Grammy Awards in between switching DVDs to watch. It just happened to be during the tribute performance to Glen Campbell for receiving a lifetime achievement award. Blake Shelton was singing one of Campbell's hits. Then Shelton welcomes Campbell himself to the stage where the legendary singer launched into his memorable tune "Rhinestone Cowboy." It was great to see him out there, especially after he revealed last summer that he has Alzheimer's. For a 75-year-old, he was energetic, working the crowd. It was also great to see those like Paul McCartney singing along. "Rhinestone Cowboy"?is just a catchy little number. I?remember hearing it here and there when I was a kid. So I?was compelled to look up the original video Campbell did for the song.

He also recently put out his final album "Ghost on the Canvas," and is doing a goodbye tour. His album even features other singers such as Chris Isaack, Jakob Dylan and Billy Corigan. I'm almost tempted to buy it.

The sudden death of Whitney Houston at age 48 was a shocker to see on Saturday night. I?get home from Minneota's Chocolate Affair, go to Yahoo news and boom, Whitney's dead. Whoa. We all know her past problems with drugs and alcohol, but it still left me stunned. I?remember dancing around my parents' basement to Houston's "How Will I?Know?" with a big cardboard heart that had several pieces of tissue paper attached to it (I?think it was a class art project or something and I?won the heart to take home).

And "The Bodyguard"?soundtrack was actually a favorite of mine for a while. I?don't normally listen to pop or R&B, but Whitney had a great voice back in the '80s and '90s. Too bad it all had to end way too soon.

On an unrelated note, I?bought my first Powerball ticket in ages this past Saturday. I?figured that since the jackpot was up to more than $300 million, why not spend the now $2 for a ticket. And I?didn't check on the numbers that night; I?remembered the next day (guess I?wasn't that excited). Didn't match any number. And apparently the winning ticket was sold in Rhode Island.

Oh well, it was worth a try.



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