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Boys Basketball Leaderboards

February 18, 2012
Marshall Independent

Note: Weekly stat updates for boys and girls basketball are due to the Independent by 4 p.m. every Wednesday. Stats can be e-mailed to, or faxed to (507) 537-1557.
Boys Basketball
Total Points/Avg.
Brett Peterson (RTR)457/20.8
Henry Rogotzke (RRC)224/18.7
Nathaniel Huot (Dawson-Boyd)260/17.3
Jeff DeCock (RRC)204/17.0
Parker Lanoue (TMB)320/16.0
Grant Hennen (Minneota)295/15.3
Michael Slaba (Canby)285/15.0
Chris Halbur (MCC)175/14.6
Joey Lee (Dawson-Boyd)269/13.5
Austin Buysse (Minneota)144/13.1
Zach Stelter (Dawson-Boyd)257/12.9
Dion Nelson (Lincoln HI)252/12.6
Jeramie Blegen (Lincoln HI)251/12.6
Trent Carlson (MCC)147/12.3
Dylan Kor (RTR)263/12.0
Taylor Lindaman (WWG)141/11.8
Jamie Unke (Lakeview)242/11.5
Nate Wieneke (MCC)135/11.3
Sam Nysetvold (MCC)99/11.0
Jordan Beck (Lincoln HI)217/10.8
Taylor Hoffbeck (TMB)211/10.6
Nate Stafki (Canby)187/10.4
Michael Sisk (Canby)194/10.2
Derek Larsen (Lakeview)212/10.1
Evan Robertson (Dawson-Boyd)201/10.1
Lee Christianson (Marshall)197/9.4
Jordan Breyfogle (Lakeview)196/9.3
Brian Fultz (TMB)185/9.3
Daniel Maras (RRC)112/9.3
Jack Hansen (Dawson-Boyd)183/9.2
Mason Schnaible (Marshall)197/9.0
Chris Halbur (MCC)119/9.9
Jacob Comnick (WWG)107/8.9
Dion Nelson (Lincoln HI)176/8.8
Daniel Maras (RRC)101/8.4
Jeramie Blegen (Lincoln HI)163/8.2
Dylan Kor (RTR)174/7.9
Jordan Breyfogle (Lakeview)162/7.7
Henry Rogotzke (RRC)90/7.5
Evan Robertson (Dawson-Boyd)145/7.3
Grant Hennen (Minneota)141/7.0
Zach Stelter (Dawson-Boyd)140/7.0
Sam Beech (MCC)76/6.3
Brett Peterson (RTR)136/6.2
Brian Fultz (TMB)123/6.2
David Noyes (Minneota)107/5.6
Aaron Mathiowetz (Marshall)122/5.5
Travis King (RTR)116/5.3
Spencer Larsen (Lakeview)112/5.3
Michael Sisk (Canby)102/5.2
Michael Slaba (Canby)99/5.2
Joey Lee (Dawson-Boyd)133
Jamie Unke (Lakeview)103
Brett Peterson (RTR)102
Alec Swan (TMB)88
Parker Lanoue (TMB)87
Andrew Swanson (Lincoln HI)81
Nate Wieneke (MCC)76
Jacob Bottelberghe (Minneota)69
Taylor Hoffbeck (TMB)64
Joey Lee (Dawson-Boyd)57
Evan Robertson (Dawson-Boyd)45
Hunter Peterson (Marshall)41
Nate Stafki (Canby)36
Brett Peterson (RTR)35
Jeramie Blegen (Lincoln HI)68
Dylan Kor (RTR)45
Jonah Dovre (Lakeview)31
Grant Hennen (Minneota)30
Jordan Breyfogle (Lakeview)23
Dion Nelson (Lincoln HI)18
Three-Pointers Made
Parker Lanoue (TMB)47
Taylor Hoffbeck (TMB)45
Philip Madsen (RTR)42
Shawn Tykwinski (Marshall)41
Jack Hansen (Dawson-Boyd)40
Nathaniel Huot (Dawson-Boyd)40
Derek Larsen (Lakeview)38
Austin Buysse (Minneota)35
Free Throws (made/attempted %)
Brett Peterson (RTR)125/161 (77.6)
Tanner Bukowski (Marshall)43/58 (74.1)
Taylor Lindaman (WWG)51/69 (73.9)
Michael Slaba (Canby)56/76 (73.7)
Jeff DeCock (RRC)50/71 (70.4)
Grant Hennen (Minneota)42/61 (68.9)
Chris Halbur (MCC)44/64 (68.8)
Jeramie Blegen (Lincoln HI)52/76 (68.4)
Lee Christianson (Marshall)51/75 (68.0)
Jamie Unke (Lakeview)46/68 (67.6)
Dylan Kor (RTR)41/62 (66.1)
Did Not Report: Wabasso, Yellow Medicine East



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